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FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOOOOODDDD! God damnnnnn, it’s been a while since I’ve had a massive meal which has left me fit to burst by the end of it. Don’t get me wrong, I eat out more than I probably should, but it’s not often that I am served up such deliciousness that I have to eat it until I physically and mentally cannot take any more! On Saturday I was invited to review Revolution Cocktail Bar on Oxford Road in Manchester. Revs is a place that I always do enjoy eating… And drinking and it’s very rare that I will have a poor meal in one of their bars (although I am slightly upset my local one in Hanley is now a ‘Rift&co’ and no longer a revolution bar, but it does still do the cocktails, yum). The Oxford Road revs is one I haven’t had the pleasure of eating in before, but I always like the layout of it as it’s quite open but at the same time has a really nice laid back atmosphere. As soon as we got there and sat down we were greeted by Becky, who had a complete 50’s diner vibe about her and knew her way around a cocktail shaker. The menu had an impressive array of options, from classic burgers to mac n’ cheese and also a nice variety of pizza options too. It’s one of those places which could cater for most tastes whilst also remaining quite affordable at the same time. I’ve been dining at Revolution bars for a few years now, but it seems this latest menu has refined the selection down to the best and the most popular dishes whilst also offering a great deal of choice at the same time. It’s one of those which is perfect for trying something new or for those who like to stick to the classics.
We began our meal with the sharing Mezze platter, which had the creamiest little balls of goat’s cheese on which I ever did taste. The board also included sun blushed tomatoes, houmous (served in a cute little kilner style jar), olives, falafel with tzatziki, olive oil with balsamic pearls all served with a warm flatbread. It was the perfect portion size for two to share and really nice to pick at whilst enjoying our first cocktails. I chose the mocktail option of a  Strawberry Nojito, which was just a Strawberry Mojito without the alcohol, and my dining date had a Moscow Mule, which was a fiery ginger beer and vodka based drink. My only criticism of the starter was that the houmous probably could have done with a little more flavour in it, as it was slightly bland, but this was soon forgotten about when I delved in to those tasty tasty olives. Although this did leave me feeling adequately full, I still continued on to the main course. All week I had been craving a steak and luckily Revolution answered all my prayers with the ‘Steak n’ Eggs’ option on the menu.
Steak n’ Eggs was exactly what it says on the tin and I was served the most juicccyyyy steak I have had in a good while. I used to always choose steak if I went to Revs on a Monday when they used to do the half price Monday deals and I can’t think of a time I’ve ever had a bad steak at Revolution. I know steak lovers might turn up their nose up at dining on their meaty favourite at a bar that’s predominantly known for making cocktails – but seriously, this was a damn fine steak. Cooked to perfection (medium rare, as always), the knife effortlessly cut through it’s meaty goodness and it’s making me drool ever so slightly just thinking about it now. I did leave a majority of the eggs and about half the chips (which were also delicious and cooked to perfection, by the way) and at this point I was actually ready to burst, so that’s when I sampled my second cocktail, which was from their summer menu and came in the form of a coconut mojito. I can’t remember if that was the exact name of it, but it was basically a limey, rummy mojito based drink but mixed with malibu and coconut water. I’m a sucker for coconut and this didn’t disappoint. The entire dining experience just ticked box after box on the tastetastic charts. Company chose the Bourbon Bad Boy burger for his main, which he enjoyed a lot, particularly the sauce, but after tasting my steak the burgers themselves did seem a little dry. When you splash them with a dash of the Revolution house ketchup this problem is soon solved though and if the steak wasn’t so GOD DAMN JUICY I’m sure the burgers would have just tasted perfect anyway. I have had the Bourbon Bad Boy burger before and it was pretty tasty from what I remember. He washed this down with a Hobo Mojito which was served in a tin can, you know, like what you get beans in? I always do like when bars serve you drink in something a little more quirky and I’m always a sucker for the Teapot Cocktails at revs too. Even though I don’t particularly like the flavour of some they serve in them I still love the novelty factor.
Not like we had room for dessert, but I could not resist the Chocolate and Blueberry ‘Fluffwich’ which was described as being a fluffy dough sandwiched together with nutella and marshmallow fluff with a blueberry sauce for dipping. I did order this out of pure intrigue because I didn’t really know what to expect, but what came was something so much tastier than I imagined. I actually described this over on Instagram as a ‘cronut’ ….But because my misinformed mind thought a cronut was a cross between a CAKE and a doughnut, but upon googling I’ve found a cronut is a croissant and a doughnut hybrid, which honestly sounds rubbish – But apologies if anyone on insta got all excited about me making up stories. This little treat was a cake like dough which was deep fried like a doughnut would be, which left it chewy and sweet and wonderful. I didn’t even bother with the blueberry dipping sauce, aint nobody got time for fruit in this situation. But alas,  I was defeated and had to leave around half of it because I was just so full. I remained full for around 2 days after too. In fact I think I’m still full now.
Food blog review of Revolution Cocktail bar Manchester Oxford Road
Food blog review of Revolution Cocktail bar Manchester Oxford Road
Food blog review of Revolution Cocktail bar Manchester Oxford Road
Food blog review of Revolution Cocktail bar Manchester Oxford Road
Food blog review of Revolution Cocktail bar Manchester Oxford Road

Revolution has always been one of my favourite places to eat and I’m pleased to say that this time did not disappoint. I always enjoy the service, the atmosphere and the food – even more so than the actual drinks that they’re so well known for serving. The staff also seem really well trained and you can ask them any question about the menu or cocktails and they always manage to answer straight away. But I suppose when making cocktails with all those ingredients is your game you’re bound to know a thing or two! 

Check out the menu for yourself online here.
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