Shower Superstars

There was a time in my life when I never ever had a shower… Oh behave. I don’t mean that I never used to clean myself, I just always used to opt for a bath instead. Simply because we used to have one of those rubbish shower heads which didn’t even attach to the wall, never mind having the luxury of a shower cubicle and all that jazz. Sometimes I’d browse electric showers wonder how t’other half lived. And then one day I finally got that shower attached to the wall which I’d always dreamed of. Now baths are very much a treat at the weekend rather than a chore to get clean, but these are my essentials for the showers which I now have daily.  Like a real person.
When it comes to daily in shower essentials I keep it pretty simple. I see so many bloggers who seem to use a suitcase full of stuff for a 15 minute routine! But as long as your hair is clean and your body is washed I don’t really feel the need for a 10000000 products in the bathroom. For my hair I’ve been using the Umberto Giannini ‘Mend My Hair’ shampoo and conditioner. Considering these are both very moisturising products which repair your hair as it cleanses and cleans it, they leave your hair feeling incredibly lightweight and manageable. Occasionally I will use the Soap and Glory Pulp Friction body scrub to get rid of those dry patches of skin, but only around once a week. Out of all the Soap and Glory scrubs I think this is probably my favourite, as it’s a creamy fresh formula which seems to leave your skin soft and smooth whilst getting rid of any flakey knee and elbows. Whilst we’re on about getting rid of dryness and smoothing your skin, I find the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub a nice little product to use on a weekly basis just to rid my skin of any dead cells and make it feel and look cleaner and smoother. As it’s a scrub with little bits in, I don’t like to use them too often as they do damage your skin over time if used too often – I mean you’re scrubbing, literally scrubbing delicate skin on your face with really harsh little bits, so that surely can’t be good on a regular basis. I’m the very last person to be wary of skin care, so you know if I’m dubious about it it’s gotta be an issue! Haha. Finally, my shower gel of choice this week (because I have so much of the stuff I have to rotate it on a weekly basis) is the Body Shop Pink Grapefruit shower gel. I’ve had this a while and it’s one I continually go back to just because of the amazing fresh pink grapefruit scent. The shower gel itself isn’t really anything special and I don’t notice any over all skin benefits, but the scent lasts ages after your shower and it’s a scent I always like to wrap my nostrils around!
What are your favourite shower time essentials?