The Bird Is The Word

Bird inspired fashion wishlist
No matter what the season is, bird patterns and bird inspired designs always seem to be *in* don’t they? I used to have a complete soft spot for fur, but it seems that has now transitioned in to a love of feathers instead – whether they be actual feathers or feather patterns or feather’s which are still on the actual birds. I’m just drawn to it. As soon as I spotted that contrast design Giles dress I loved it! The orange panel on the skirt is bold, yet fits so well with the vibrant blue bird on the top part of the dress. The Giles Collection at Avenue 32 packed full of real investment pieces for your wardrobe and the orange-bird theme is strong throughout. Speaking of bold colours, the bird patterned Kimono from Boohoo on the right is the perfect combination of colours which are perfect for autumn. I never used to wear kimono’s as in my head they were really unflattering, but draped over a more fitted dress they are perfect. Kimono’s are also a great go-between for  the weather lately where it can’t decide if it is hot or cold! Unlike cat printed garments (which are a weakness of mine) there’s something a bit more mature about bird prints, and they can look effortlessly sophisticated with a quirky edge, just like that grey long sleeved dress from Oasis. But if you wanted a splash of bird inspired colour in your day without going the whole hog pattern wise, why not take some inspiration from the bold and bright colours of tropical birds and echo the vibe in a snazzy necklace? Ooh la la, the birdy possibilities are endless.

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