Walking Photography Workshop Birmingham

The Bullring Birmingham
On Sunday I popped along to Goodman’s Walking Photography Workshop in Birmingham. I’ve made no secret about my feelings towards Birmingham in the past (it’s my least favourite city in the world, ever) but I was intrigued to view it ‘through a lens’ and try and find some beauty within it! Unfortunately one had a little too much ginny gin the evening before, so missed the initial start of the tour but soon caught up with the gang at the brand new library up the top of Broad Street. At this point I was still feeling way too delicate to interact with my camera so my snapping didn’t really start until after we’d had some food and I was feeling slightly more human. When I say slightly more human, I mean still a zombie, but the hangover shakes had subsided enough for me to actually hold my camera. In the time before this our ‘tour guide’ Simon Caughey-Rogers at Iguana Photography had talked us through the ropes of using our cameras like a real person. I got rid of my DSRL a few years ago and now opt for a Fujifilm X10 which I luckily won on Twitter about two years ago! It’s a camera I simply cannot fault and it never fails to take a decent shot. All of the images on my blog are usually captured on my X10 or with my new HTC One M8’s fancy pants camera, in case you were wondering. We were treated to a lovely meal at Jamie’s Italian, but for some reason I chose the crab tagliatelle??! The smell of strong fish really didn’t mix well with my condition, so I did a sneaky swap with one of my bloggy bezzy’s Tereza for her meal (pictured below)… Which I also couldn’t manage to eat. What a success my life was that day, eh? All failures of the day aside, I really did have quite a nice time! I got to meet some new fancy bloggers from different area’s apart from the beauty blogging world and we even popped along to Selfridges after where I finally got to meet that beautiful little cherub Rose from Mixed Gems blog (you know, the one with the awesome make up skills from Twitter).
Jamies Italian Birmingham

You can read a better account of the day here, because let’s face it, my version of events wasn’t the most captivating. But alas, thank you so much Joes Bloggers for the invite and I do apologise that I cannot handle my booze! Simon’s photography tips must have been good though because I’m well chuffed with that first image!