Evening Dining At Ox Pasture Hall, Scarborough

I feel like I may have mentioned my stay at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel a little too much since my stay. But when I look at pictures such as this amazing evening meal we had, I feel like I almost haven’t gone on about it enough! As I’ve mentioned (over and over again, mainly on Twitter), Ox Pasture Hall kindly invited me to stay in their beautiful Scarborough based hotel last week. The whole trip was extremely lovely and I could quite  easily have stayed for more than just one night! It was such a relaxing location and room, but I will talk about that a little more in my next post! This one was all about the FOOD in the evening which we ate. I didn’t really research the hotel too much before I went, as I really wanted to expect the unexpected, and the food was definitely a good surprise! Because of the quaint, quiet countryside location, I did expect a more traditional menu, but what we actually got was a contemporary selection of unique flavour combinations, with an added dose of YUM. We were welcomed in to the Courtyard Restaurant at Ox Pasture Hall at around 7.30pm, the waiting on staff we all delightfully chirpy and guided us straight to our table. After perusing the wine menu and settling for a French delight neither of us could pronounce, we then ordered our starters. The descriptions for each starter were simple, descriptive, but still left an air of mystery! For example; I chose the duck option, which consisted of some warmed duck pieces, a rich pate, a small pastry filled with flavour and… a cherry sorbet. When I read cherry sorbet I assumed it was a play on words or something, but no, it was icey cold delicious cherry sorbet, which acted as a culinary dream team with the duck on the plate! The other starter was the crab option, which was a small tower of fishy fresh flavours served with a cold crab and tomato gazpacho. Whilst we waited for our starters to be served we were also treated to a complimentary serving of the soup of the day, which was mushroom. I may have mentioned a few times that I simply cannot abide mushrooms, and whenever I’ve tried to eat them I just can’t. However, this creamy soup was actually very nice! I don’t think I would order it again, but with the fresh bread and rich texture it was the perfect start to the entire meal. And also made me think I might try something mushroomy again!
After our starters, we awaited our main courses. There wasn’t a long wait, but inbetween we were served a small glass of strawberry consomm√©, which was a nice cleanser from all the duck and crab. The mains seemed to be twists on traditional options and I opted for the Pork. I was drawn to this mainly for the fact is came with black pudding, which is never something I would have at home! All the dishes appeared to consist of one type of meat prepared in two different ways. My pork dish was flavourful pork belly, alongside two rolls of meat with the most delicious, homely stuffing inside. When I first saw that the potato part of the main consisted of just one, sliced with a tangy chutney layered within. I did feel a little left out of the potato crowd, BUT it actually worked perfectly as I wasn’t stuffed on empty carbs taking the attention away from the meat. And to be honest, I was so full anyway I would of had to leave it if there was any more! Everything turned out to be the ideal portion size, like they’d really refined the eating experience by keeping it simple yet almost, complex at the same time. The other dish is was lamb and to quote, it was ”The best lamb EVER” (according to my dining companion). I’m not a lover of lamb over all, but I did have a fork full and it was pleasant enough. I can see why people who are lamb fans would particularly like the lamb at Ox Pasture, as it was so tender and not fatty and horrid like lamb tends to be.

Finally, for dessert, we simply couldn’t decide what to have! So we settled for the Assiette of Desserts from the delicious looking menu. Apparently the selection does change daily, but I can’t imagine how any other desserts could be more satisfying than these precious sweets of joy. There was a pistachio and chocolate cake, Raspberry Creme Brulee, a whiskey and lemon… thing (I forgot the name of, in the glass), sorbet, coconut panecotta, mango salsa and finally a lemon cheesecake! Don’t be mistaken though; this was to share and I didn’t scoff it all to myself. My favourite, strangely enough, was the whiskey and lemon option. I absolutely loathe whiskey, but this was just so sweet and creamy yet light and tasty. The only way I could describe it is as an ‘iced goo’?! Second to this, I also liked the coconut panecotta a lot. It was a very subtle coconut flavour, but perfectly complimented by the mango pieces. With the dessert, like the rest of the menu, the focus was on perfectly sized portions, emphasising the flavours and textures rather than stuffing the plate full of hefty portions. It was just the right size to share and neither of us felt over stuffed.
Over all, the dining experience at Ox Pasture Hall was excellent. One of the best meals I’ve had and definitely on par with the taste sensations experienced at The Hilton’s Podium Restaurant the other weekend. Unfortunately Scarborough is a little far for me to travel on a regular basis, but that’s probably a good thing, because I would definitely head back here again and again for such a tasty dining experience.
Stay tuned for the following blog post about the actual stay at the hotel too!