Little Lush Luxuries

Christmas 2014 Lush Products
It’s that time of the year where the world goes MAADDDDDDD for Lush and their seasonal treats line. Snow Fairy has got to be one of the most delicious scents in the world, and each year I find myself hoarding a few bottles and being precious about their usage for the rest of the year. I even still have a Snow Fairy Solid Perfume from a few years ago – Yes it’s gone a bit past it’s use by date now, but I don’t use it on my skin, just sniff is endearingly every now and again. Because I was so unlucky that I couldn’t make the Lush Blogger Event in Leeds recently, I was lucky enough to get some little treats via snail mail. As soon as I picked up the envelope I could smell the lushy goodness from within. One thing I have always been pessimistic about is the lip scrubs from Lush, as I just figured they’d be a basic combination of sugar and some form of moisturising oils… And well, it is. You can make lip scrubs at home really easily, but from experience you just can’t get such yummy flavours and by God the Lush ones are a deliciously different combination of sugar and moisturising oils for my lips. Santa’s Lip Scrub from Lush has a distinct ‘cola’ scent which you can whiff before you even open the small jar. It’s a bright red formula which has delicate little hearts on the top to make it look as cute as their little descriptions on the sides of their products. I have been using this lip scrub and it is very good at making your lips feel smooth and soft, however, it’s definitely not one for using outside of the comfort of your own home. It’s very messy and awkward to use and I find it best to use in the evening before bed, but also before brushing your teeth! Sugar rots them remember, kids. It does taste yum and does do the job, but beware of the crusts of red goo around your gob post scrub!
By now, we’re all familiar with bath bombs from Lush and once again their Christmas offerings give you all the warming goodness you need for a 2 hour bath whilst watching The Grand Budapest Hotel. I can’t really expand any more than the fact that they will make your skin super soft and silky with every bath you have with them. The other day I gave Cinders a try and it’s cinnamon sweet scent was perfect for a long relaxing dip in the rub. I’ve not yet used Dashing Santa because the scent is SO good I currently have it in my underwear drawer to make my pants and tights smell amazing! Honestly, the best place to store Lush bath bombs is in with your clothes, the scent really sticks and you get even more for your money this way too!