Cheating The Hangover Eyes

Beauty tips for brightening eyes on British Beauty Blog

The amount of Saturday dinner times mornings I’ve put my make up on after a heavy night out, thinking I look absolutely mint, then come to sober up and realise I look awful is too many to count. I swear you go through a ‘still drunk beer goggle stage’ on yourself until about 5pm the next day (after one too many gins). Over my years of living the alcohol fuelled dream, I’ve refined my make up bag to be fool proof when it comes to disguising those hangover eyes and with a few key bits in your kit you can blend out those bags fuss free. It seems your eyes are the part which suffer the most after a late one on the lash, so making your eyes bright is one of the most important parts of looking human again. After you’ve prepared your face with your favourite foundation and skin brightening tricks, it’s time to perk up those peepers.

1. Conceal:
Using a product similar to Essence ‘Say No To Dark Circles’ simply apply it directly to your under eyes, all the way from the corner by your nose to the outer edges underneath your temples and even down to the top of your cheek bones. It’s a large area to correct when you’re suffering day after puffiness with a distinct greying in colour. Pat along the skin to blend, remembering that this delicate area is not to be rubbed! I always apply my concealer after my foundation, just to make sure it’s really concentrated on the area’s I need it, as I always find applying it before just means I rub it off when I apply my base. Some people like to conceal their concealer with a touch of powder, but I tend to just let it work it’s magic alone. The pinkish tones of this Essence under eye concealer is perfect for concealing those dark circles.

2. Add a Touch of Colour:
Just a simple sweep of something like Maybelline Colour Tattoo will perk your eyes up a bit during times of hangover woe. I opt for Pink-Gold shade as it kind of works with the redness rather than against it. The gel like formula makes it easy as can be, as you can just apply it straight from the pot with your finger and the jobs a good ‘un.

3. Define the Lines:
Eyebrows and eyeliner are always the key part of my make up routine most days, but when it’s hangover day they help even more to ‘lift’ everything back to life. As mentioned in my last post about the Make Up Revolution felt tip eyeliner, it’s so easy to slick on and is one of the easiest eye liners I’ve used for a while. For the brow game it’s pretty straight forward, just do a quick brush over the brows and dab a touch of highlighter under the arch to really open your eyes up. Alongside a good mascara you’ve got 3 easy steps to getting your day after face on the right track!

Products featured:

Essence Say No To Dark Circles Concelear
Essence Lash Princess Mascara
Essence Hello Autumn Eye Brow Kit
Make Up Revolution Awesome Double Flick Eyeliner
Maybeliine Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold