Freeport Fall Fashion Challenge

The #FallFashionChallenge at Freeport, Talke on Stoke on Trent Fashion blog - Hello Terri Lowe.
I’ve already mentioned in this post the jacket I bought as part of the #FallFashionChallenge at Freeport Talke, but here’s another blog post dedicated to what turned out to be a VERY good day! Freeport is about 10 minutes drive from where I live, so I often frequent the centre when I fancy nipping to some shops but don’t want to go in to the city centre. It’s not the biggest place on earth, but considering how close it is, I can live with that. If you’re from the area you will either have worked there yourself at some point when you left school, or know someone who did! I even remember when it used to be a Normid Hypermarket when I was a kid and we used to get an ice cream (rolled in pink sugar stuff, every time) every time we went. It’s changed a lot since it became Freeport, and it’s gone through the motions. There was a time where there was literally nothing there apart from Sports Direct, but now it’s turned itself around and boasts quite a nice little selection of shops.

Inside Freeport today you can find the biggest Home Bargains known to man (my fave), Holland and Barratt, Marks and Spencers, GAP and Select; amongst other popular retail stores. On the day when Charl, Lilly and I were invited down, we met with the friendly chaps from Freeport HQ and were given 3 mystery envelopes to choose from. Within the envelopes there were gift cards each loaded with either £50, £100 or £150! I ended up bagging the £100 gift card, which I was more than happy with, mainly due to my constant grumbles in the run up expecting to get the £50 gift card. I’m just a spoilt brat like that though. The challenge, which we obviously all chose to accept, was to pop around Freeport and use our budget to buy a outfit perfect for Autumn parties or just the season in general. It seems we all subliminally went for a bit of a goth vibe and in the resulting images, shot by our own personal paparazzi who followed us around the day, we ended up displaying a right good range of dark and black shades.

I’ve always got time for a good burgundy garment, and this dress from Select features a really lovely baroque style flocked pattern. Combined with the oh-so-fluffy cardigan, it makes for an outfit I could spend hours stroking. And I do whenever I wear it. I decided to go for the dress because it’s a really flattering skater style, but can be worn with heels for a fancy night out or just casually with a cardigan thrown on. I always find skater style dresses to be pretty versatile and this one is beautiful and versatile in one. Another piece I picked up, which also has a major ‘stroke factor’ is of course, the jacket I bought. Once again from Select. Select always surprises me when I go in, as they have some pretty decent stuff for a mega affordable price. My cardigan and dress came in just shy of £15 each, and the jacket was a snip at £29.99! The most appealing thing about Select for me though, was that certain items, such as my dress have a Made in Britain tag on it. It’s refreshing to see a High Street brand channelling that kind of vibe without the crazy price tag.

The #FallFashionChallenge at Freeport, Talke on Stoke on Trent Fashion blog - Hello Terri Lowe.
The #FallFashionChallenge at Freeport, Talke on Stoke on Trent Fashion blog - Hello Terri Lowe.


  1. November 20, 2014 / 3:37 pm

    I recognise that rabbit jumper from last winter in M+S. Love your choice of outfit!

  2. November 18, 2014 / 3:09 am

    Well done to you. I haven't been there in years as it was a bit of a desert the last time I was there but might visit if I am in the area again.