Places To Find Hello Terri Lowe

Just a sneaky update in celebration of the little design refinement here on Hello Terri Lowe! As you can see, the layout is a bit cleaner and going for a simpler vibe – but still trying to keep some form of personality?! I think. New readers (hiyaaaa) might also not be aware of where else they can find me on the big ol’ internets. So here’s a little run down of where to find me online and what kind of thing you can expect to see on each social media platform I use. I guess this saves that awkward bit where you follow me and then realise I post a load of poppycock you don’t want in your news feed. If you also use any of these platforms feel free to send me your link either on here, or over on Twitter!
Bloglovin is the most popular platform for bloggers to follow bloggers on. You can find my profile here. Even if you haven’t got your own blog you can still set up a profile and keep a track of all your favourite reads (whilst discovering more!). When I first started reading blogs I used to have to save all my favourite ones in my browser bookmarks, which as you can imagine became a little messy at times. Bloglovin is also really good on the iPad and makes it easy to keep up with your favourites. In fact, the whole format is really easy, even for the people who don’t find themselves very tech savvy! Click here to find my profile and follow me.
Twitter is probably where I spend most of my time online. I pretty much narrate my entire existence on it. I think sometimes people follow me not realising how often I update! So if you do pop over, I would advise that you follow a few more active users so your timeline isn’t just me going on about cats. I do swear on there and I do come across a little bit unsavoury at times, but about 0.01% of my tweets are ever serious and always read them with a sarcastic Daria style voice in your head! Click here to follow me on Twitter.

 It actually took me a while to jump on the Instagram bandwagon, and didn’t download it until a year after everyone else. I’ve definitely caught up now though and constantly update each day, with around 5 images usually of food or cats. But you know, what else is Instagram actually for?? Give me a little follow from your phone by clicking here. If that link doesn’t work, look me up with the user name: helloterrilowe

Pinterest is one of those I kind of always forget about, but I have started using it more on my phone recently. It’s just so much prettier as an app than it is in the web browser! I generally just share my blog post on there in the handy boards, as it’s really easy to segregate your content. I am going to make more of an effort to share a wider variety of stuff on there though, including recipe and food boards, it’s just finding the time to get absorbed in it! I say that, but even clicking on it now to get the link has me browsing around for hours. Follow me by clicking here.

And finally, my ‘parody’ Tumblr blog which I set up recently. A brief warning before you click on the link – This blog is not for every one. There is swearing, there is bluntness and there’s a lot of use of the F word. It’s definitely swearing for the sake of swearing and I like to read it back in the voice of Frankie Boyle. It’s quick and short reviews of beauty products, weird food, and some other little bits which don’t quite fit on here. Have a look at Blog Blag Swag by clicking here and you can also find it on Bloglovin here.