The Red Ombre

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How To Dip Dye Red Ombre Hair At Home

Patience and practise to perfect the perfect dip dye effect.

I’ve had my hair as a dip dye red ombre kinda vibe for a few years now. Occasionally I consider dying it all one colour, but then I consider the amount of effort I’ve put in and how much I actually do like it – despite the whole ombre thing being a bit out of fashion at the moment and balayage hair trend being the next big thing to ask your hairdresser for, I still like my red shade of ombre hair, a lot. Balayage and ombre are fairly similar, but you find balayage is a more natural, sun kissed effect, rather than the prominent clearly dyed one you find with ombre and dip dyes. I’m sure either could be done at home with the use of a bleach hair dye kit such as Jerome Russell BBlonde Maximum Blonde Ombre Kit (read more here).
I started off my dip dye effect about 3 years ago, where I literally just bleached the ends of my hair from the bottom of my ear downwards. I did this in 3 stages by only leaving the bleach on for a short length of time each time I did it. At first I was a bit scared so only did the bottom two inches, but soon progressed upwards and bleached it from the top of my ear downwards. Doing it in three stages and only doing a few inches at a time helps with the faded effect in your hair. If you do it all at the same time you might just end up with a prominent line across your hair with a block dye effect. Once my bleach was in place and the hair was lightened to the shade I wanted, I could then just dye my roots without having to worry about the rest of my hair. To protect your bleached bits from being tinted by the dye, whack on a good slather of conditioner to prevent the colour saturating it. This also helps to restore the poor ends of your hair after the bleaching process. 
To get my hair colour to the shades it is today, I’ve been experimenting a bit with orange toned dyes. I simply use a colour like Feria Paprika Dye on the whole head apart from my natural roots – as they would go a much brighter shade to my dyed red hair. When I come to do the actual roots I just go for whichever generic red dye is on offer! I literally dye the roots and comb the colour down through the lengths sparingly, so it continues to echo the over all ombre effect.  Since doing my hair like this, I’ve found it’s been in much better condition, as before I was dying all of my hair every 6 weeks or so, which damaged it so much! Now I only go for the roots every 6 weeks and the orange colour all over once in a blue moon when I’m a bit bored. With regards to the bleach, if you dye the rest carefully you will find that after the initial lightening process you won’t really need to revisit it. 
best products for red ombre dip dye hair