It’s Bargain, It’s Bargain Time

Discount Stila make up from Marks and Spencers sales on UK Beauty Blog

We’re very lucky here in Stoke on Trent to have recently received the gift of a brand new Marks and Spencers. I know, I know, most cities have a pretty good one, but apart from the one in the city centre, we do lack a little in our fine shopping establishments. The new M&S store on Wolstanton retail park is a pretty big ‘un! Although not as big as the best one in Ellesmere Port, it’s a pretty good rival. 
One of my favourite things about these new Marks and Spencer stores, is that they have a pretty mega beauty section. Living round here, not many people know of the fancy pants brands (it IS Stoke, c’mon) so things always get reduced and left on the shelf for weeks after they sell out in bigger cities! That’s why sale time it always the best time to pop along to the beauty section. They stock a load of brilliant brands such as Nuxe, Stila, Pur Minerals and more! It’s a proper little haven of make up goodness.
Last night when I perusing the reductions I spotted one of my favourite make up brands Stila amongst the piles of reduced goods. I immediately got excited when I saw that one gift set which contained a Stila Convertible Colour, Lip Glaze and Smudge Stick was reduced to only £10! The Convertible Colour alone is around £16! So I picked the one up which contained the shade ‘Tulip’ alongside a black smudge stick eyeliner and lovely pinkish red lip glaze. It even came with a pretty sparkly headband in the box too!
The second bargain I got was a bit more pricey at £25 (reduced from £50!) and contained a load of products I’ve been dying to try from Stila, like the One Step Illuminate Base. I was actually surprised that it was a FULL SIZE bottle of this in the gift set, as buying it alone will set you back about £22. So to bag that, another Convertible Colour, Lip Glaze, and Liquid Shimmer in Rose Gold was pretty good going. This set also contained a gold coloured bracelet and a gold make up bag too! 
So to sum it up, I’ve basically got my paws on around £100 worth of make up for £35 in total. 
If you don’t have a M&S locally which stocks make up, then don’t worry, they still have some gift sets left at the reduced price online here!