Essence Lip Creams

Essence Hello Autumn Lip Creams.
Autumn is sooooo last season already and with CHRISTMAS a week away, it’s probably a little late in the day for me to be harping on about the Essence Hello Autumn range (yet again, I’ve been going mad for this stuff for weeks now). I did harp on about my Essence Hello Autumn mini haul back in October and you can see that post here. I just felt like these two Essence Lip Creams needed their own special place on my blog though, as they’re just a bit brilliant.
Setting me back £1.99 a piece, they’re my most reached for lip products this season. BeautiFALL Red is the dark red toned lip cream (obviously) and is a lovely slightly brown toned colour. It dries to a slightly matte finish without being sticky or drying. The only issue I have with this, is that due to the dark shade it really does become more noticeable when it starts to wear off. It lasts around two hours when you do eat and drink wearing it and is effortless to apply with a quick smudge across the centre of your lips to top it up. It does wear off more evenly than MUA lip velvets, so isn’t as an extreme ‘bare lip patch’ effect, but regardless of that, make sure you have it in your bag if you wear it out to avoid the full lip liner effect.
Speaking of lip liners, what I forgot to picture with these two lip products is my new Essence Lip Liner in Honey Berry. I really should be a better blogger and thought about this post before I wrote it.  But alas, I’ll make sense in a minute. The Essence lip liner in Honey Berry is THE DREAM when worn underneath the pale beige lip cream ‘Keep Calm and Go For a Walk’. Because my lips are a little too dark for this pale shade to show up to it’s full glory, I worked with that and applied the pinkish toned lip liner all over my lips as a lipstick and then slicked on the pale shade over the top. The result is a long lasting and dreamy shade of beige-pink which lasts much longer than the lip cream when used alone. The lip liner itself isn’t drying like I feared it would be and so easy to apply to the full lip. Even better it costs about £1.49 and I will definitely be picking up more colours when I visit an Essence stand again. 
You can buy Essence products from your local Wilkinson store, or if you’re based in or around Manchester, they have a stand in the Arndale centre which stocks all the ranges!

Essence Hello Autumn Lip Creams.