Gemma Correll Sale Goodies

Just a quickie today to let you know about the excellent savings I’ve found in Tesco (of all places) for some pretty fantastic Gemma Correll Stationary – hurrah!
I was actually eyeing up these notebooks and the like before Christmas. As you may know I am a sucker for a good notebook, which I will never use. But alas you can never have enough stationary which will sit redundant on your book shelf can you? Today when I was grabbing some cat food and cactus juice in t’big Tesco in Hanley, I spotted all of the Gemma Correll notebooks reduced to around 80p a throw. The big one was £1 and the project books which I left behind were about £1.60. I don’t know what the availability of these will be in your local store,but they didn’t even have yellow reduction labels on so only savvy, sassy shoppers like myself would probably spot them! 
Godspeed you to the stationary aisle.
Oh and happy new year! Hope y’all getting KRUNK tonight yo!
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Valentina Chirico

Oh my, these stationary picks are sooooo fun!!! I love Gemma's drawings, you can guess… I'm a cat lady 😀
Have a wonderful new year, Terri!!!

Ebony J Hardiman

I love getting new notebooks I don't know why but these are so cute! (:

Naomi Mango

Oooh good spot there! 🙂 xx

Charlotte Gransden

Oh they are so cute!! Shame I'm on a spending ban!!


ENVIOUS! So very envious!