I Buy Books, I Don’t Read

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”I buy books, I never read. And then I’ll tell you some more about me” – Maximo Park//Our Velocity

With Christmas coming up, I suppose this counts as a bit of a Gift Guide. Or maybe not. I don’t know about everyone else but as a massive hoarder of notebooks I do find it hard to give them away. I don’t actually use half of them. Even though I had every intention of filling in my Moleskine Cat Journal when I got it, I think I’ve literally filled in Kitty’s date of birth with a little picture of her. Whoops. Sorry Kitty. I’m sure if you decided to buy this for any other cat fan in your life they would definitely make more use of it, I just find fancy notebooks oh-so-precious and hate ruining the pages! Inside the Cat Journal it does have lots of pages to actually fill in though, such as visits to the vets, favourite foods, and even little stickers to help organise erm… Your cats life. I’ve lost count of how many Moleskine books I actually have, I just can’t resist them. 
If you’re buying a lovely new book for your favourite Fashion Blogger Friend, they might like the illustrative joys of the Gemma Correll ‘What I Wore Today’ book – Which I featured in 2012 over here! I love how it’s more of a diary of style where you can put your pen to paper and get some doodling done too. I really need to crack it out again properly and get some stuff down in it so I can include them here on the blog too. Especially with the darker nights now in season as it’s a pain to get some decent fashion/outfit shots when you’re at work during day time hours all week long! 

Penguin Classic Notebooks are a great gift idea for anyone you know who’s read every book ever and you want to just get them something a little different than a bookmark or more books. This was bought for me a while ago, as Nineteen Eighty Four is one of my favourite books. Once again, because I am a hoarder of precious things it hasn’t even been opened! It just sits nicely amongst my collection on a book shelf, which actually contains about 5 actual books amongst note books and other random possessions. You can pick them up pretty cheaply from your local bookshop anyway and are nice little stocking fillers that probably come across more thoughtful than they actually are. Which is always a Brucey Bonus if you’ve left your gift buying until the last minute.
Note books and pads are always my ‘safe’ option for presents when you’re not quite sure what to get the person as well. With a pretty design on the outside and blank pages inside, you really can’t go wrong. My go-to present in the past was picture frames from TK Maxx, but they all just became to painful to give away in the end. I’m a suck for a good picture frame. But notebooks I can part with sometimes as I already have so many and it’s nice to see them go to a good home. The lovely abstract print on the chunky notebook from Coggles is muted enough to be to most people’s taste, yet just that touch of fancy which is perfect for your Aunty or Mum to keep in their handbag. Smythson have also created a range of notebooks, including this beautifully yellow ‘Follow Your Dreams’ notepad, which is going to be perfect to give to my friend for travelling next year. Due to the design of the notepad, which is tailored towards being a travel diary, it apparently can’t be misshapen or bent. But I will leave it up to her to find out how true that one is!