Last Minute At New Look

Left all your present buying until the last minute? Yep. Me too. This year Christmas seems to have come around so quickly that I kind of forgot when it was. I’m in work until Christmas Eve so haven’t really got time to go browsing the shops in real life either, because I’ll be damned if I’m going in to town on a weekend at the best of times! A few places which aren’t as busy and are usually open until later, are the shops which you find on retail parks – such as New Look.
I always like to nip in the New Look at Festival Park if I go after work. It’s a bigger store and does a few different things than the one in town does too! New Look is always a good store for picking up affordable bits and bobs and their Christmas Gifts are always cute or quirky enough for stocking fillers too! If you’ve left it until the last minute and struggling for ideas then check out their Christmas Gift Generator for a few ideas! A simple concept which could save you a lot of time traipsing around the shops over the next few days. Although you could end up like me and put in your own preferences to the generator and come up with results similar to the ones pictured above! Whoops. Be right back, just grabbing my debit card.