Propercorn Popcorn

There seems to be a big thing at the moment, where companies are trying to get any flavour they can on to our popped corn friends. From those disgusting worcester sauce ones at Tesco, to the sweet and savoury delights of Metcalfes popcorn range – If it can be turned in to a powder flavouring, popcorn companies are lapping it up and popping it on.
I first discovered the Sweet Coconut and Vanilla Propercorn around this time last year on a visit to Boots. I bought it out of intrigue and because Coconut is one of my favourite flavours in the world. These little crispy sweet babies did not disappoint. They have a really delicate vanilla flavour, which doesn’t overpower the coconut taste. It’s also not that artificial vanilla flavour which you can often find some foods have. They’re definitely a strong favourite when it comes to sweet popcorn in my life. 
Propercorn Sweet Ginger and Orange is a special release just in time for Christmas. I’m unsure if it’s limited edition or a permanent popcorn fixture, but I do hope it sticks around. The slight spice of the ginger compliments the orange sweetness like nothing I’ve really tried before. Although I would possibly prefer a strong taste of both, it’s a little strange to have orange flavoured popcorn to begin with. 
With each bag only setting you back around 110 calories a serving, it’s certainly a good compromise for half a tub of Pringles,which has been my go to break time snack over the festive period. What can I say? Once you pop you can’t stop – until the second serving, when you’ve found you’ve polished the tube off, whoops. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen the Coconut and Vanilla popcorn available in selected Boots stores so far (but I nab as many as I can when I see it) and I’ve yet to locate the Ginger and Orange popcorn in any store yet; it was kindly included in my sneaky goody bag from Afternoon Tea with Emily and few other bloggers this weekend!