Various Stages of Finding Out Zoella’s Book Was Ghostwritten

So this week it was ALL SCANDAL on the internet regarding the internet sensation which comes in the pint sized form of Zoella. For those not in the know, Zoella is a bit of an internet celebrity. Not like in the days of MySpace where people just added a load of friends to their friends list. She’s a YouTuber with a SQUILLION subscribers, a blogger with a BAZILLION readers and all round ‘girl next door’ of the internet world. At the age of 24 this girl is rumoured to be raking in around 20k a month and living the blogging dream. However, it’s all turned a bit sour in the camp when it was dramatically revealed that her ‘novel’ has been ghostwritten by another writer. The main thing I gather from the reaction on the internet is that ‘DEY ERM DON’T NO HOWS DA BOOK WRITINGS WORKS’ because as far as I’m aware, about 60% of the books on the shelf in Waterstones are Ghostwritten anyway. But to be honest. I don’t care. I’m just using this topic as an excuse to bring to your attention the various stages of reaction for this DRAMA in .gif form. Y’all ready?

How Bloggers Reacted:

How Parents Reacted:

How Grumpy Cat Reacted:

How Kanye West Reacted:

How Obama Reacted:

How Those Weird Teenage Troll Types Reacted:

How Zoella Reacted:

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This is so funny x


Haha I love this, especially the last one 😀


Haha! You definitely got my attention and definitely made me giggle out loud!
I don't care that it's ghost written! The ideas were probably hers, and I'm sure she had some input in it! She's even admitted it, it's just because it's Zoella that people are going mad.

CAT xo

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Ruth Johnston

Much lolz – Kind of sad that she's meant to have 'left the internet' since the story broke because she should definitely be all 'Honey Boo Boo' about it.


Trust you Terri 😀 nice to see a funny spin on things because I for one am fed up of all the judgemental posts going around. I do not give a s**t what Zoella does but the fact that people didn't realise ghostwriters exist…..seriously do they live under a rock? If anything she should be praised for encouraging young people to pick up a book and read.

Natalie Ann

LOL Love this 🙂

Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥