Cake Face

Create a cake ordering on Patisserie Valerie for delicious wedding and occasion cakes.
On a scale of one to bad, I think it’s probably reaaaaaally bad that I’m blogging about this cake* today – Especially after completing my first day at my new job and working on a dieting website all day. My bad. But c’mon, just look at this beauty, how could I not share it with you?
This masterpiece was made via the ‘Create a Cake’ feature over on the Patisserie Valerie website. Even if you have no intention of ordering a cake, I urge you to visit it and have a play around. It’s pretty addictive. You simply go through step by step to create the cake of your DREAMS. You can either collect the cake from your local Patisserie Valerie store, or you can have it delivered straight to your door. Because we don’t have a Patisserie Valerie here in Stoke on Trent, I opted to pick mine up from their sister brand ‘Druckers’ which I’d never even noticed was right outside HMV in the Potteries Centre?!
As you can see, this cake is an absolute masterpiece. 
When I was going through the options on the website to create my cake, I was thinking half way through about how it couldn’t possibly get more indulgent than the layers of cream and cake I’d just chosen – then I got to the end, where I could even add profiteroles to the top of the cake. I’m not even a fan of sweet things usually, but good God, how could anyone not be in love with this thing? I chose a fruit filling alongside the layers of cream and goodness, because you know, I need to get my five a day some how…
To be honest, before I got to the end of the cake creation I was thinking about how much it was going to cost, because let’s face it, I did go all out. But I was pleasantly surprised that it came to just shy of £30. With 6 generous servings (each slice has a WHOLE profiterole on it!) I’d say it was actually enough to serve double that amount. I couldn’t finish a whole piece in one go, it was way too rich for my tastes and even the lovers of sweet things in my family couldn’t cope. Which I guess is only a good thing, as you have to have double helpings! Once you add up how much buying all these ingredients would cost, and not to mention the time it would take to make, it really is the perfect treat for a special occasion. Luckily it was my mum’s birthday last week, so that’s my excuse for treating everyone.
Sorry for teasing you all with this gooey, chocolatey, delicious cake of joy, but I had to show it off. And on a side note; if you do visit Druckers their Spiced Apple Latte is amazing, as I experienced when I picked my cake up!