Hey 2014, You Can Keep These.

There’s been a lot of reflective posts popping up on social media, as is usual with the beginnings of a new year. It’s now the 3rd of January 2015 and I’ve done nothing but lie in bed with the worst cold in the history of the world ever – so it’s safe to say I’ve done a little bit of reflecting. But not on the usual topics of ‘blog predictions for 2015’ or resolutions. What I’ve been dwelling on is things which can safely stay in 2014 and won’t be missed. Here goes:
Paper Straws: You know the type? Those pretty stripey ones you’ve seen on Instagram, more often than not sticking out of a mason jar style glass. Some of you may have been ripped off buying these from Urban Outfitters, or the more savvy shoppers may have picked them up for 99p in Home Bargains, but either way – they suck (wheeeey pun!). Paper + Straws = Soggy Mess after the first mouthful. They also feel rotten when you catch the front of your teeth on them. Go home paper straws, you’re drunk. 
Blogger Tatt in Superdrug: Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing bloggers getting their collaboration on and teaming up with companies to make some lovely products for their fans to like. But that Zoella range in Superdrug? Hell to the no. I know her fanbase is predominately teenage girls, but c’mon, they have nostrils and eyes guyssss. The range was lacklustre in delivery and it seems like the girl had forced her fingers in to too many pies for 2014 and quantity over quality was the ethos of her products. Zoella is just an example though, I mean I still can’t fathom out why that model one released dry shampoo? I guess it’s the same as Fearne Cotton doing make up – pointless. Saying this though, I do thoroughly enjoy the Tanya Burr make up range, it makes sense and is a nice quality of product for the price. 
Katie Hopkins.

Twitter Witch Hunts: Is there anyone who wasn’t hated on Twitter in 2014? I am bored by people taking time out of their day to create new villains on the internet. From ignorant throw away comments to people being downright rude – if someone could be offended then you can guarantee THE WORLD WOULD BE OFFENDED WITH THEM. I could go in to this more, but I fear I would offend someone and my name would be used on a Buzzfeed list exampling how social media is done wrong. So all I will say is: Give people on the internet the benefit of the doubt. Don’t be offended by everything you can. Swerve the bullshit. Kill them with kindness. 
James Cordon. Please?

Brand Bashing: This relates to this post I wrote a while ago. Sorry if you’re not a blogger who is reading this list, but prissy princess attitudes can stay in 2014, thanks. Slagging a brand off on the internet instead of sending a diplomatic email to the brand directly isn’t great form. If you worked in a shop and people came in and spoke to you in the way some people do about brands on Twitter, you’d be more than upset, So treat others how you’d like to be treated online. Also remember that people talk. I’ve caught wind of a few stinkers through conversations with fellow blogger outreach pals, and definitely know which bad apples to avoid (and equally, which diamonds to work with in future).
Macaroons/Macarons: They look beautiful, but why are they so disappointing to eat?
Judgemental Snobbery: I couldn’t think of another word to use for this point. But lately a lot of people seem to be getting on their high horses about how other people live their lives. This is usually do to with diet or skincare really. Vegans pushing really disgusting links about skinning ants alive or people calling you scum if you use a facewipe. If everyone did the same things in their lives it would be boring. Everyone is different, they like different things, they do different things. If it’s not impacting your life, leave them to it. 
What would you add to this list?