Nip + Fab Bargains

*Bargain Klaxon*

I don’t know about you, but every time I bag a bargain I feel like I’ve achieved something in my life. The achievement may be small, but by gum do they add up in to making you feel like the princess of bargains. I’m a complete bargain hunter, from Charity Shops to regular shops, if there’s a bargain to be sniffed out I’m going to find it.
I’ve been eyeing up the Nip + Fab body care range since it came out, but I just couldn’t justify buying yet more shower gels and body creams when I have so many already. But when you find them reduced from around £8 to 99p in your local Superdrug it’s simply fate to give then whirl. Yup, you read that right, I picked up all of these Nip + Fab products for less than one bottle alone should cost!! Being a big fan of the brand already (Hello, 4th purchase of the Glycolic Fix pads) I would have been a fool to leave them on the shelf.

The Detox Blend products (in green) are my favourite scents out of the range, which I’ve smelt on the shelves for all these months, so I was pretty pleased to get the entire range today. Containing coconut oil and Frankincense Oil alongside Green Tea, Tea Tree and Jasmine, they’re totally up my street when it comes to scent and ingredients. Tea Tree should be a wonderful addition for keeping skin clear in places you can’t reach (c’mon, I’m not the only one with occasional spots on my back, right?). Whilst the other ingredients are sure to make your skin lovely, soft and supple. 
Energy Boost as a scent is nice and refreshing, but I’m not going to lie – it does remind me slightly of cleaning products. But it does again contain Tea Tree Oil as well as Glycerine, with Manderin, Grapefruit and Lemon to scent. Although it smells a bit too detergent like in the bottle, I’m imagining in the bath or shower the scent will be lovely to awake and refresh you in your morning shower. 
Still full price online over on the official Nip and Fab website here, it’s worth taking a trip to your local Superdrug to see if there’s any left in store! Good luck!