Things I’ve Enjoyed This Week

It’s coming to the end of another weekend and I’m feeling pretty happy inside. This week has been quite good. Not for any particular reason, it’s just been one of those nice weeks where I’ve floated through and nothing has really bothered me. I’ve had KFC twice and life is good. Next week is the final countdown for my time at my current job and I’ll be starting a brand new role at a brand new company from the 26th! I’m excited, although the decision to take the other job was so hard considering I really do like my current one. But alas, nothing ventured, nothing gained and we will see where the next chapter takes me. This weekend has also been quite enjoyable, I managed to swerve a hangover, dance a lot and fit so many productive things in considering I’m usually pretty lazy on a weekend. By productive I literally mean I’ve managed to do the dishes, but y’know; lazy girl life. 
To continue the good vibes, here’s some things I’ve enjoyed this week:
  • THIS blog post from Skunkboy Blog which features a DIY Geometric Unicorn Wall Mural.  I’ve been a follower of Katie’s blog for years. It was one of the first blogs I started to read when I realised blogs were a thing. I think the reason I loved this post so much, is because I’m never usually in to anything Unicorn, but this actually made me want to have a massive unicorn on my wall. It’s so pretty! The colour combinations and idea of using a geometric pattern is wonderful. Katie has loads of DIY and lifestyle blog posts, often featuring over on A Beautiful Mess too!
  • The positive response to this blog post – Before I published that post I wasn’t sure how it would go down. Being a predominately a beauty blog for many months, I really do want to steer away from being a ‘review site’ but without neglecting readers who do like beauty posts! I’m going to a balanced range of posts from music to food, with some beauty and fashion mixed in. Something for everyone without eradicating things people like!
  • Rediscovering the gym – Last week I went to the gym about 4 times, which is a lot more than my usual once a week efforts (or non at all). Although I did have those 2 KFC’s I do feel a lot better for it and my Jawbone Fitness Tracker  was the kick up the butt I needed. I noticed they’re now available over on The Hut website for only £39.99! Which is a bargain compared to most places. 
  • Tereza’s return to blogging! – Okay, maybe I’m a little biased as she’s a real life friend. But we became friends through blog meet ups and the like, so it’s great to see she’s getting back in to the swing of things. Check out her blog Cityscape Bliss here to find beauty, lifestyle, home and fashion blog posts with a cheeky Czech twist.
  • Celebrity Big Brother – Oh gahhhhhdddd, why have I become addicted to such brain numbing television?? I’ve not been *into* Big Brother for years, I usually watch the first one where they all go in and never watch it again. This time I’ve found myself actively checking what time it’s on so I can sit down and watch it! I’m going to just pretend it’s because the queen of Drag Queens, Michelle Visage, is in the house. But between you and me, watching the celebrities act like utter embarrassing fools is really enjoyable. Perez reminds me of myself when I’ve had too much wine and am a bit hormonal, whereas Katie Hopkins is now winning the country round like I predicted she would. I can’t decide if I love her or hate her, I think I’m quite indifferent for the time being. But yes, anyone else addicted to this years CBB?
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Eau De Toilette – I bought this online when I got a discount code the other day and have not stopped wearing it! I find The Body Shop perfumes a little hit and miss, and really didn’t think I’d like this. However, it’s such a creamy vanilla scent without that sickly smell you’d expect. It was a limited edition one, but now in the sale and every time I’m wearing it people ask what it is. I’m addicted to a smell. Help.