Do You Use Protection? (On Your HAIR, Of Course)

For a good few years I avoided using heat on my hair. Before I had my extensions in, I used to leave my hair to dry naturally, without blow drying it, and didn’t reach for my straighteners or heat tools at all. In recent months though, I have done a complete U-Turn on this anti-heat stance, and now blow dry after every wash and smooth my hair and extensions over with my Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Volume brush tool. Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy I will even curl it too! At first, I completely disregarded the need for heat protection products, just because I’d not really needed them before. After seeing how much of my extensions and real hair was breaking off after each styling session though, I soon realised how much I really needed to protect my hair again heat and styling damage. As with all new discoveries, I’ve gone mad on trying each and everyone I can get my hands on. The one problem I’ve found when searching for a Heat Protection product though, is that a lot are not meant for use on dry hair and always say to apply to wet or damp hair! I’m not sure where the logic for this comes from, as the main item you need heat protection from is straighteners, which are always used on dry hair, hmmm. But I’ve finally found some products for heat protection on  both dry hair  and wet, and this has excited me enough to write a blog post about it. 
best heat protection products for hair

VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protection Serum:

This was the first product I picked up which was a heat protection for use on dry hair. A little goes a long way, as learnt when I accidentally used a splodge too much and my hair looked like I’d dipped it in a chip pan. The smell is alright and it does add a lovely sheen to your hair when used correctly, but it’s main selling point is the price. For around £3-£4 you can’t really go wrong. I tend to use towards the 3rd day post hair wash, when I need to curl or heat style my hair. This is because you can feel it in your hair quite a bit and I know I will be washing it the next day. Overall though, if you’re after a cheap heat protection product, definitely check out the VO5 range.

Redken Iron Shape 11 Heat Protection Spray:

This Redken Heat Protection Spray has completely changed my hair life in regards to day-after-wash styling. It not only offers heat protection, but it also holds the style in your hair for so much longer than other products I’ve tried. Whether I’m smoothing it over with my Remington hot brush, or going for a full on curl with some curling tongues – it protects the hair, holds the style and doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. I feel like it’s a little bottle full of hair miracles. Most times when I use hair styling products on dry hair, I feel like I need to wash my hair later that day because I just can’t stand feeling product in it! But this leaves my hair feeling a lovely texture, which lasts for a few days.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Spray:

I got this in my Look Fantastic January Beauty Box the other month and I LOVE the smell of it. I use this on wet hair before blow drying usually. It’s one of those smells which you kind of forget about, then half way through the day you catch a whiff and wonder what it is. When I used this before blow drying, it makes my hair so soft. My hair is fairly coarse and brittle so having a soft, swooshy mane is a rarity! 

Umberto Giannini Mend My Hair Protein Spray:

It seems that protein isn’t just a massive deal in the fitness world, but it’s also a pretty good thing for your hair to get a bit of too. I got this back in summer and the bottle is almost empty *cry* but for around £8 it’s worth a repurchase. When I started using the Mend My Hair range I noticed such a difference to my hair, but this probably came along with the fact I started making an effort with it too, haha. I always blow dry it now, with my Diva Chromatix 3400 Pro Hairdryer which is much more powerful than hairdryers I’ve owned before. It dries my hair so much quicker, but doesn’t seem as hot as my old hairdryer, which is a bit weird. 
What’s the best heat protection products you’ve used on your hair?