Itsa Bitsa Beauty Buys

My name is Terri Lowe and I am addicted to buying bargain beauty products.
It seems that everywhere I go lately, I cannot help but hoard new make up bits and bobs, which I do not need. But want. So much. This is actually only a select few pieces of the products I’ve ‘acquired’ lately. I’m sure I need to attend some kind of Beauty Hoarders Anonymous group – shall I start one? Who’d join? Probably every beauty blogger ever actually.
So, let’s begin with the brightest bits in the pic; the new Make Up Revolution Intense Lip Lacquer. I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t sent anything from their new Lip Lava range, but hey bloggers can’t be choosers and I’m pretty grateful to be on their PR list anyway. But alas, I’m going to put an order in for those next pay day because I’ve been obsessed with wanting to try the Too Faced Melted Lip Shades  since their release last year. I need them in my life. With regards to the Intense Lip Lacquer’s, I’m sitting on the fence with my review. I really love the shades (although Depravity, the purple shade, always makes me look dead even though I do wish I could pull off this colour!) Barely There is perfect layered over my Essence Lip Liner in Honey Berry (which, by the way, is awesome for using as an actual lipstick – long lasted and non drying AND coming in at around £2). Barely There used alone is also a really nice shade and one of the rare nude tones I can wear which looks GOOD. I’m also pleased that non of the lip lacquers dry out your lips, despite their glossy finish, hurrah! Although they’re not as ‘thick’ in consistency as Apocolips, they do last longer than I expected too. My only other qualm is the packaging. I really don’t like the box they come in, or the font, or the fact that sometimes when I open them the excess comes out all up the wand?! I think the little funnel which usually scrapes excess product off may be loose but it seems to happen with each colour from time to time. Hmmmm.
On to the next budget beauty buys, I couldn’t resist the new mascara from Miss Sporty. I mean, it mentions cats, so I’m sold. It was on offer for around £1.99 (usual price £3.49) and to be fair, it’s alright for that price! It’s by no means the best mascara in the world, but I do like the shape of the spoolie and it applies an adequate amount of length and thickness for work. I wouldn’t use it for a night out though. It’s a good ‘day time’ mascara I guess.  There’s an eyeliner which goes with this range, but it’s been out of stock in every Superdrug I’ve visited so far, so either it’s really good or someone needs to have a word with their stock control department. I also got their new Ohh! Tan So Fine Bronzer in the light shade for blondes. I LOVE the highlighter shade in this, it’s the perfect pink-gold tone for brushing across your cheekbones, but the bronzer part itself can boarder on being a little yellow toned. It’s ok for a light dusting, but be careful because if you go overboard you look a bit nuts. I tend to use a peachy pink blusher to compliment it, just in case I do look like I’ve got jaundice. 
After using the L’oreal True Match foundation (in completely the wrong shade) for a few months and really liking it, I noticed the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation was on offer in Asda for £5 recently. You know how it is, pop in for cat food, come out with make up. Yeah. After uhmming and ahhing for about half an hour I did at first thing I’d picked up the wrong shade and it was way too dark. It just turned out I was so used to wearing foundation that was way too pale and this was perfect. I don’t usually like Rimmel foundations at all, they always seem really cakey on me, but this one is brilliant. It has an ever so slightly dewy finish and lasts all day. I touch my face a lot at work and usually foundation wears off around lunch time, but this is still going strong when I get home! Fiver well spent. I’ve also thrown in to this post the Miss Rose Concealer I recently picked up from the local bargain shop in Tunstall (Stoke on Trent). I can’t find any information on this brand, or even a real website, but I found a Facebook page for them here. It only cost £1.50 and it’s the most amazing concealer ever! I feel like I should buy all the stock they have in that shop and sell it here on my blog it’s so good. It’s really lightweight, but covers dark circles and spots with a lovely soft focus finish. 

Finally, we have the Barry M Wink Black Marker Pen for eyes. I picked this up for £2 in the bargain bin at Boots and it’s actually alright! The nib is a little thicker than I’d usually go for, but it’s actually quite easy to apply and lasts all day. Unfortunately though, like most marker pen style eyeliners that come in to my life, it’s started to dry up already and it’s only been about 2 weeks. I don’t know if I store them wrong or am a bit over zealous with application, but I’ve never had one which lasts as long as my trusty liquid liners!