Leeds Festival 2015 Line Up Announcement!


Leeds Festival Line Up 2015. Find out who's playing Leeds 2015
Last night, that cheeky chimp (with the best second name in town) Zane Lowe, made the latest Leeds Festival 2015 line up announcement – hurrah! After the first announcement, where I only found myself rejoicing at Refused, I am both surprised and SO EXCITED at the acts they’ve pulled out of the bag for this latest update.
Highlights for me from the Leeds Line Up 2015 (so far) include:
Limp Bizkit: The first nu-metal band I ever fell in love with. Before anyone moans about this – don’t you think Fred’s red cap has had enough rap from the critics before? Don’t poo-poo their presence on the line up before you take a few moments to rekindle your early 00’s love for Nookie, Boiler and Break Stuff! It’s just one of those dayyysss. 

Azealia Banks: This bird might be a badass who likes to rub a few people up the wrong way over on her Twitter, but seeing her live is a next level kinda thing. When I saw her a few years ago, she came complete with some 80’s-esque Lycra clad dancers, who appropriately got their ‘vogue’ on throughout the whole set. Not only that, but her mermaid hair is a particular point of awe. 
Panic! At The Disco: Oh, judge me all you like, but some of the best drunken days of my life were spent in the emo room at Jilly’s Rock World in Manchester getting my windmill on (I joke) to ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’. They’re one of the few bands from back int’day that I haven’t seen live yet. They’d better not disappoint my 20yr old self, else I’ll be having strong words I tell thee.
The Libertines: If you’re from Stoke on Trent, you would have undoubtedly have heard of the one time Peter Doherty went to The Underground and started some kind of small riot. I unfortunately missed this event, but ever since I’ve had a little obsession with wanting to see The Libertines live. I always thought that if I was to catch them live, they would be best caught at either a really small venue or at a festival complete with a can of Strongbow in hand, dodging bottle of piss being strewn through the air from someone in the crowd far behind.
There’s a few more bands I’m excited to see, but I think I’ve had enough Leeds Festival line up excitement for one morning.
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Still debating if I should do reading this year or not, there are some solid rock bands this year

Amy K

I was gonna go for Metallica anyway even if the rest of the bands on the day didn't appeal but I was buzzing when Zane announced BMTH as well. Can't wait, just going on the Sunday. First time at Leeds Fest! Which is dodgy cos I only live just over 10 mile away. I just posted about it too


I was so stoked when I saw the line-up; Limp, Panic and Bring Me The Horizon… urmmm yes please! Listening to Limp & Panic brings back so many memories from my youth haha. xx

Abby | Eärendil

Jess Drury

I've seen Limp Bizkit twice and they DO NOT disappoint 😀 Im back from Australia for a wedding in September so defs going to extend the trip and get some Leeds tickets!