Look Fantastic February Box!

The Look Fantastic February Beauty box on UK beauty blog, Hello Terri Lowe.

I was going to wait until the weekend to blog about the Look Fantastic February Box, but it’s so wonderful I have a feeling it might be sold out before then, so taken 10 minutes out of LIFE tonight to share the contents, woohoo!
The Look Fantastic Box for January was pretty impressive (you can read what I thought about that one here). As I mentioned – I thought beauty boxes were dying a death in the blogging world, but the Look Fantastic ones have completely upped the ante and got me all excited about them again. This months box includes some of my favourites brands. In fact, I remember discovering both Korres and Monu in beauty boxes years ago and have been in love with them ever since. Korres perfumes BTW – The best scent investment of your life. I highly recommend to Lychee, Freesia and Vanilla one. Mmmm.
SO. What’s in the box, that seems to always rock? (well, the two times I’ve had it) 
Here we go:

Moroccanoil Treatment: This little bottle of wonder is perfect for my dry, damaged and ermmm… fake locks (yes, I have extensions, how else would I get this hair looking so fabulous?) When I first tried it a few years ago I felt it was a little heavy, but as I’ve been gradually heat styling more it is a hair saviour! It also seems to help my extensions dry faster, which is a bonus as they take foreeverrrrr when I don’t use an oil like this.

Dr PawPaw Multipurpose Balm:  Ah, Dr PawPaw! I’ve been desperate to get some of this since I tried it from a colleague ages ago! She used to get it shipped in from her friend in New Zealand because she loved it so much. It’s an all round balm, perfect for skin, lips, cuticles and nails. If there’s one thing I love it’s a good all rounder and this stuff is just that. I’ve only tried it as a lip balm so far and it instantly relieved the dry, cracked lips this horrible weather has caused.
Korres Citrus Body Milk: As mentioned, I do have a distinct love of any Korres products. I’m not sure why more people don’t love them?! I think it’s probably due to lack of availability on high street shelves, but if you go to some Debenhams and Marks and Spencers they have a few testers out to sniff in real life. The body milk’s are really great for moisturising after a shower, as they soak in quickly and don’t leave a sticky feeling. 
Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar: I’ve seen a few people really confused about this ‘soap’ in their box this month, saying it’s too small and well, it’s a soap. IT’S NOT A SOAP! It’s a cleansing bar for your face, which by the looks of the ingredients is going to be perfect for slightly oily and spot prone skin. In fact, I’m sure Lush used to do a cleanser with similar ingredients which worked miracles for my blemish prone skin. I think some people are a little scared of washing their face with a black coloured product, but with all the super ingredients this little bar contains it’s sure to be amazing.
Monu Illuminating Primer: Years ago I had a Monu moisturiser and it was AMAZING. It really helped to finally clear my skin up and calm down all the redness I used to get. I’m obsessed with trying more of their products, so I’m SO pleased with finding this in this months beauty box. I’ve done a quick swatch on my hand and it seemed to instantly diffuse my porridge scar (this is my gauge of how good a product is initially by the way). I’m really looking forward to giving this a proper whirl in the morning!
Bellápiere Cosmetics Mineral Eye Liner: I bagged the white eye liner in my box, which at first I gave a little sigh about, but thinking about it I think we’re going to get on brilliantly when it comes to brightening my eyes after all these long work days! I’ve been using the Essence Bright Eyes liner on my inner waterline to make my eyes look a little less tired, but with it being such a budget brand the ingredients are probably not the best for the inner eye on a daily basis. With Bella Piere products being mineral based, I’m sure it’s a lot more skin/eye friendly than other products out there.
Overall, the box is worth £48 and will cost you £15 with free worldwide delivery. 25ml of Moroccanoil alone sets you back around £14, so you may as well splurge an extra quid and get a load of other goodies as a bonus too! 

You can get yours online here – whilst stocks last!