Make A Wish

When it comes to presents, buying Mother’s Day gifts is probably the easiest thing to do for me. She’s not fussy and appreciates everything. From handmade gifts to trinkets and treasures, there’s always something she will like. This is unlike my dad who is so hard to buy for that I ended up taking him on a day out to the Hologram Museum in Matlock and then bought him 5 massive Toblerones for on the day!

When Tales From The Earth asked me to choose an item for my mum for Mothers Day, I knew straight away I’d have to get something which was lucky. My mum is a stickler for anything which will bring her or the family a little bit of extra luck! The Big Wishbone Necklace seemed the right amount of quirky and cute, whilst also being sterling silver for that extra touch of special.
As the necklace was presented in a small champagne shade pouch, I thought it would be a bit hard to wrap. So I improvised and headed to Matalan to get this simple initial mug. I also thought this would be good as it’s quite deceptive! Everyone likes to try and be smart, guessing presents before they open them, so I’m sure it was quite a surprise to open what first is just a mug only to discover treasure inside! 

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I've been wearing my necklace every day. …. 🙂

Nafisah Atcha

This is super cute!

Do It For The Irony

That is so cute! I'm a bit superstitious and I love lucky things too. It's so simple and pretty 🙂

Emyii Rankin

So cute =]

Gemma Magpie

That necklace is beautiful.. I love wishbone jewellery xx

Emma Louise

Such cute gifts, my mum is so easy to buy for aswel she loves the same things as me! x
Emma | Emmys Blog