Not So Easy Listening

Since starting my new job and actually being able to listen to Spotify at work (hurrah!) I’ve certainly rekindled my love for music lately. I can’t even contain my excitement for Festival Season and I’m even scouting out gigs to go to again. I’ve not been interested in gigs for YEARS. But how can anyone resist Death From Above 1979? Actually, I’m sure a lot of people could resist, as they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. But just think about seeing your favourite band then you can fathom similar levels of excitement for yourself. I never really listen to music when I’m at home, and if I do it’s just one of my standard Spotify playlists I made years ago which will never grow old. So having background music whilst I’m getting on with other tasks at my day job is a pretty good way to enjoy music again and actually made me load YouTube at home and discover a few new songs. 
Here’s my top three ‘new to me’ tracks this week:

Haim x Calvin Harris//Pray To God

I can’t work out if I like this song because it’s good, or because Haim look so good in the video. Their outfits and make up make me want to be them more than usual. I’d bloody love to swoosh around a woodland area in Danielle’s outfit, I know that.
Slaves//The Hunter.

Cross The Horrors with Jamie T and you have something which sounds a bit like Slaves. Although saying that, the last album The Horrors had out really reminded me of Echo and the Bunnymen, which is a long way off their Count in Fives days.

Blur//Go Out

Although the video looks a bit like something you’d find on crossed with a Japanese cooking Youtube Channel, this is quite a good comeback single for Blur. I mean, it’s no Song 2, but I get the feeling this one is just easing us in slightly for the new material to come. Although my favourite thing Damon Albarn ever did was  ”Monkey Bee: A Short Film by Jamie Hewlett” (see it here)  but that may just be due to the fact I recognise the keyboard samples from a Casio SA-1 keyboard I used to have as a kid. Hmmm.