RMK Vintage Sweets Collection

RMK Vintage Sweets Collection for Spring Summer 2015

RMK is a brand I’ve never really explored before, despite ticking all the boxes for the things I like in a cosmetics brand. The most significant factor being that it hails from Japan (via New York). There’s something about Japanese and Korean cosmetics which is just so much better than beauty products we have in the UK. I mean, you only have to go to eBay and type in Etude House or HolikaHolika to see what I’m talking about. Cosmetic brands from outside of the UK just seem so much more innovative and exciting. Or maybe I’m just suffering from a distinct case of ‘the grass is always greener’? Who knows.

”RMK’s Delicious Skincare draws on the powers of carefully selected edible sources to synthesize and nurture the earth’s goodness to strengthen your skin’s innate ability to beautify itself.”

The Vintage Sweets Collection from RMK for Spring/Summer 2015 is a cute and quirky range of cosmetics, which all look and smell good enough to eat. The most intriguing product in the RMK Vintage Sweets range is the double ended mascara. The idea is that the large wand is for the top lashes and the smaller is for the bottom. Each comes with a contrasting pair of bold colours, to compliment not only each others colour, but also your eye colour. For example, if you have blue eyes, you might want to opt for the mascara with pink end (here) which will really make the blue pop! Or if you have green eyes, the Indigo and Green option would compliment the tones in your eyes. I have the Brown and Orange RMK Mascara, which I must admit, I’m still a little wary of using! The orange does boarder a little on the red side, so I’m scared that I’ll look a bit like I’ve got an eye infection. But I’l try it one day, for now, the brown shade is really nice at adding a softer look to every day make up.
The RMK Vintage Drop Gloss is a swirly, candy striped tube of delicious lip goo, which smells amazing. The colour/scent I have is ‘Cassis’ which is a slightly fruity smell which isn’t overpowering or sickly. It adds a lovely delicate hint of pinkish glow to your lips, which softens them and lasts much longer than a lip gloss usually would. I wouldn’t say it tinted your lips any particular shade, it just seems to diffuse them slightly and add a soft touch look. Y’know, kind of how some primers make your over all make up look softer? It’s basically that effect but on your lips. 
Finally, we have the RMK Vintage Sweets Face Colour, a product which looks almost too precious to use with it’s beautiful mirrored packaging and shimmery, striped appearance. The blue-lilac shade diffuses uneven skin tones and evens out your complexion with one pearlescent sweep of your brush. It leaves your face subtly glowing and finishes off your make up routine perfectly. A little goes a long way, and you can  also use it as a highlighter by adding a touch more with your finger, concentrating on your cheekbones and I always add a touch on the end of my nose too!
You can grab these products and more from Look Fantastic online, with free delivery!

RMK Vintage Sweets Collection for Spring Summer 2015
RMK Vintage Sweets Collection for Spring Summer 2015
RMK Vintage Sweets Collection for Spring Summer 2015
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Alice Young

I've never tried Japanese or Korean cosmetics before but I kinda want to! The double ended mascara is such a good idea!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

rae t

Oh wow these products are packaged so beautifully. I love the swirly lipgloss. Reminds me of strawberry candy. But I wonder after more uses if the swirls get messed up?

Rae | love from berlin

Amy Keeling

Love RMK! I haven't tried any of the make up myself but I've tried a little bit of their skincare and it really is quite lovely. The packaging of this collection is really nice, I'm a sucker for anything silver.
Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing