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Find the best nude lipsticks for your skin tone on Hello Terri Lowe, UK beauty blog.
Yeah I’m blogging about 4 nude lipsticks which pretty much look exactly the same, what of it? 
Nude lipstick is the biggest non trend which has become a trend since the last thing that was trendy. It’s basically just putting the same colour AS your lips ON your lips and making yourself feel a bit more sassy. Alas, choosing the best nude lipstick is a bit more complicated than you first think. I’ve tried countless ones now and I tell you what, it’s bloody hard work to find one which is PERFECT. You have to be quite careful in this minefield which is ‘your lips, but better’…. If it’s too pale you look a bit ill. If it’s too dark you look like you’re trying to make brown lipstick happen. And when that wears off and turns in to the ‘lip liner’ effect, a brown shade isn’t going to be very ‘on trend’ unless you’re in your time machine back to the 90’s. I know the nineties were trying to make a come back, but dark lip liner on plain lips isn’t going to float anyone’s boat in 2015.
Anyway, panic not, it’s all ok because I’ve found four nude lipsticks that should work for most people, and by learning of these lip products we can all enjoy our lives again.
Essence Hello Autumn Lip Cream in ‘Keep Calm and Go For A Walk’: I bought this a while ago (as you can see here) and to be honest, the colour isn’t quite the right nude… Yeah that goes against everything I just said, BUT when used with a pink toned lip liner as a base underneath (Essence Honey Berry, I’m looking at you), it transforms into the most perfect nude lip colour EVER. The flat, pale shade alone doesn’t work as well as it could do on me as it would on someone with naturally paler lips (whereas my lips are slightly darker naturally). The lesson we learn from this, is that if you do find a nude lipstick you like that doesn’t suit you, try experimenting with products underneath. The reason this one does make the top 4 is also because the formula is fantastic. It’s creamy and leaves your lips feeling soft and lovely with an amazing soft velvet like finish. I can wear it daily without worrying about it wearing off or smudging around my face. For £1.99 it was a bargain buy for sure.
Nudestix Lip and Cheek Pencil in ‘Mystic’: Ahhh, Nudestix, these are gonna be HUGE I tell you. Not only are the products versatile, like this one which is perfect for the lips and for a subtle contour or cheek colour; they also come in a little metal tin which has a mirror in the lid. Even though you initially gasp at the price, you’d probably spend a good fiver on something to keep in your bag to store your ‘on the go’ beauty essentials safely – so we can immediately discount that from the RRP. Not only that, they also include a pencil sharpener! I don’t know about you, but 98% of the time when I own a pencil style beauty product, I end up using it until it runs down the first time, then can never find a sharpener and end up forgetting about it. If you’re looking for the perfect nude lipstick, then Nudestix are probably a good place to start as they have a tone to suit any complexion. Mystic is a pinkish brown toned nude which is probably on the slightly darker side of the nude lip scale. It’s incredibly moisturising and lasts a good few hours before top ups are required. 
MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet in SpryOne of the latest offerings from MUA is the range of ‘Whipped Velvet’ lip creams.  If you’re tried the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip products, but they dried a little too matte for your likings, then these are the perfect alternative. They apply so soft and smooth and dry to a semi matte, but slightly glossy finish. The best way I can describe it is kind of like Angel Delight in a lip stick form. The colour isn’t dissimilar from the Make Up Rev Barely There lip lacquer (below), which is a rosy beige nude, but this one does seem to last a lot longer and makes your lips feel a lot smoother in comparison. As you can see from the swatch below, it’s almost a hybrid of all the other products! If you ever tried the Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip cream, it’s a bit like that without that disgusting sickly sweet scent.

Make Up Revolution Lip Lacquer in ‘Barely There’: For £3, this nude offering from Make Up Revolution is a good place to start if you’re not sure about the whole ‘Kylie Jenner’ style lip. It’s a nice cream formula which thankfully doesn’t dry you lips (like most glosses tend to on me). Although it’s not the longest lasting lippy on the list, it does add that little bit of oomph to your daily make up look. The colour is almost warm olive toned, but it does seem lighter in real like than the website displays here. The finish is perfect if you want a slightly plumped up shiny lip look, as it doesn’t dry with the slightly matte finish of the aforementioned Essence Lip Cream.
Find the best nude lipsticks for your skin tone on Hello Terri Lowe, UK beauty blog.
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