Little Luxuries

What Do You Splash The Cash On?

Even though I am a massive fan of budget beauty and fashion, there are certain items that I do invest more money in. I know this probably comes as a contradiction if you read my blog on a regular basis, but when it comes to certain items, I do find myself overly willing to splash the cash way more freely on them (take the one time I thought buying a French Connection coat I’ve never even worn as an example, whoops). In my head make up and dresses are almost disposable. If I buy a lipstick, I’ll get bored of it or lose it within a week. If it’s a dress, it’s not long until I’ve changed my mind and it’s resigned to the back of my wardrobe.

When it comes to sunglasses, watches, shoes and coats I don’t even have to think twice before I will part with large amounts of money for them. Fossil watches are my main weakness, I just love them and my current one hasn’t left my wrist for more than a year. Although it was by no means cheap, I’ve definitely got my money worth out of it. That’s why I know this Vivienne Westwood Watch courtesy of Shade Station is going to be a great friend of my wrist when I get some links taken out and can wear it! I avoided watches with a bracelet style strap for so long, opting for a comfortable leather strap. The lighter shade on the strap, in a lovely light mint green, is going to be perfect for summer alongside my classic Ray Ban Sunglasses.

It’s really odd that I find myself spending more money on sunglasses than I do my prescription glasses, and I’m always hunting them down for the cheapest price possible. When it comes to my Ray Bans though, it’s a bit like my Fossil watch obsession and I always find myself not wanting to bother with other brands. Whoops. I’ve seen loads of bloggers featuring the Clubmaster frames lately, and I’ve had mine since last year. What can I say? I’m so in the loop I went out of the loop and came back in to the loop again. Fashion.

When it comes to shoes, Clarks are always going to be my ‘go to’ brand. Although some don’t even see their prices as expensive, and granted, some styles are really affordable (like the boots featured in my last post here) they definitely come in at a higher price than Primark! I just find that their shoes last so much longer, are better for your feet, and are general made from much better materials. They don’t tend to get that horrid foot smell after two weeks like you can do with Primark pumps, blergh. My main vice is the Orla Kiely x Clarks shoes, but who doesn’t love them?!

What do you find yourself spending more money on?
Are you more of a make up investor or do you tend to spend more on practical pieces?