#SimplyBeReal Campaign: Real Moments.

uk fashion blog illustration

I’d seen the illustrations from the Simply Be ‘Be Real’ campaign all over Twitter recently!

If there’s one thing people love it’s something personalised (especially when your name is Terri and you’ve never been able to get anything with your name on it your whole life). The idea is simple. Simply Be take one of your fashion disasters and commission an illustrator to recreate it!

My fashion disaster was when Kitty was a kitten and decided to wee in all my shoes. Don’t worry, she’s grown out of the habit now, but the amount of shoes she ruined is probably what has subliminally created my shoe obsession. 
Created by Willa Gebbie, I’m so pleased with how it turned out. Even though I was non descriptive about the outfit and shoes, she did her research and found things to illustrate that I actually own and blogged about – and even got Kitty’s markings perfect!! Checking out her website, she’s certainly talented and has collaborated with so many great brands and events! I feel a little bit honoured that she’s now captured my cat-pee-shoe in such a lovely way.
You can check out the other illustrations from the campaign by heading over to Twitter and looking at the #SimplyBeReal hashtag!
What fashion disaster would you recreate for the campaign?!