Birchbox Royally Good April Box

Birchbox Royally Good April Box

So with the birth of the second Royal Baby imminent, it seems every brand and their cat are on the case when it comes to tying a marketing campaign in to the event. The Birchbox Beauty Box for April is no different and with the theme ‘Royally Good’ it’s a box to mark the occasion in style. Presented in a really cute blue (or pink!) box which is decorated with a quaint bird print, it’s certainly an eye catching alternative to other same ol’ same ol’ beauty box boxes.

Inside you will find a selection of samples from well known brands including Bliss, Percy & Reed and KORRES. I don’t know if it’s just me though, but is KORRES like a beauty box disease or something? It seems you cannot go a month without seeing them crop up in one beauty box or another. Fortunately, I am a massive fan of the brand so for me, it’s great to be able to keep my stockpile going, but for others I imagine seeing them again and again is rather tiresome. Especially when they’re not really that well known of a brand. Another thing which niggled me a little bit (and confused me as well!) was that on the leaflet inside the box it says that the Laura Mercier products were pot luck between the Foundation Primer, Eyeliner and Mascara. Now I know I received this box as a PR sample, but I would have been really disgruntled if I had paid the full price and seen I’d missed out on the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer! It’s literally my favourite primer EVER and to get an eyeliner instead made me sigh with disappointment a little. It then became more confusing when on the website you get to choose between the eyeliner or the mascara, with no mention of the primer. I’m going to assume that the leaflet was printed before the final products were signed off, but who knows. Either that or I’m just really dumb and don’t get what I’m reading, haha.
But anyway, enough of the niggling and on to the rest of the box! 

For a total of £12.95 a time, it’s one of the better value subscription boxes on the market. Consistently good quality and always including brand names you would of heard of. I love how the boxes vary in design and each one has a theme. When you sign up for Birchbox you can also fill in your beauty profile, which means that the products will be tailored for you – another winning factor when it comes to the beauty box game. Overall I think Birchbox is one of my favourite subscription boxes on the market at the moment. Not only do they have a good variety of contents month to month, but they seem to pick up where other boxes left off and have refined the system and gone one step further than the competition. The quirky narrative of the boxes is also a winner for me, as I love having something to read when I get these things! 
You can discover more about Birchbox subscription beauty boxes in the UK by clicking here.
Birchbox Royally Good April Box

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Becky Smith

Apparently the primer went out of stock really quickly so that's why the only options available now are the eye liner and mascara. It's also my favourite primer (the only one that really does anything for me tbh) so I'm not surprised it went out of stock quickly x

Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

Polkadot Pink

My mother was exactly the same, blue eyeliner must have been all the rage in the 80s! Still too scared to try a colour, I always opt for black! Really like the shade of the nail varnish!

Laura -

coloured eyeliner isnt for me. My mother scarred me as a kid with her vast collection of sparkly blue eyeliners.