MAC x Cinderella? Nah, It’s the Essence Hidden Stories Range

MAC x Cinderella? Nah, It's the Essence Hidden Stories Range

Every beauty blog and their dog named Pluto went a bit mad for the Cinderella MAC range didn’t they? I’m not a fan of Disney and I won’t go in to reasons why, but if you know me you know my opinions on the fact that Disney Princess costumes generally only come in kids sizes for a reason. No offence Disney fans, it’s just not for me.
Taking this in to consideration, it’s no surprise that the Cinderella x MAC make up range just didn’t appeal to me whatsoever. Sometimes when MAC do collaborations, even if I loathe the person they’re collaborating with I still think some products are ok. But not with that range. I thought it was bland, boring and nothing worth peeing my pants about. However, when I stumbled upon the Essence Hidden Stories range in their (soon to be shut down) Manchester Arndale stand, I couldn’t resist. Despite my Disney bashing I’m like most other girls inside and can’t help things which might make me look a bit like a Princess in some obscure way.
MAC x Cinderella? Nah, It's the Essence Hidden Stories Range
For some reason I decided to pick up everything I saw without really looking what it was, so within my haul I got a few interesting items. The main one which baffled me was the Hidden Stories Mascara toppers – I picked it up thinking it was a glitter eyeliner before getting home and reading the packaging! Although it would be a lovely iridescent glitter eye liner, it also is quite nice in it’s own right as a mascara topper  in ‘wonderland’s next super fairy’ (no, I’d not heard of this concept before either). You simply apply your regular mascara and lightly brush this over and you’re left with a really subtle, but nice, shimmer effect on your lashes. Great for a night out! 

My favourite product out of this selection is the Hidden Stories Highlighter in ‘enter wonderland’ which is a slightly different tone to what I’d usually choose. It’s almost a purple shade, in a shimmering lilac hue. The texture is a little weird to get used to, as it’s a spongy, cream consistency. Dotted along cheekbones it adds a delicate highlighted sheen. The cream eyeshadow from the Essence Hidden Stories range in ‘mauve-llous fairy’ is a lovely taupe-purple shimmer, which is great for any 90’s vibes you want to channel on a night out. It’s space princess next level eye colour right there I tell thee. 
Products which disappointed me were the nail varnishes. I loved the coloured but didn’t realise that the blue shade was a textured polish, which is the world’s worst kind to try and get off! And the purple one is a little too sheer and needs about 4 coats for any colour pay off. But I can get around that by just using it as a top coat I guess.

Although the Hidden Stories range is quite a new trend edition, I’ve just been on the Essence website and I reaaaalllly need the Essence Brit-Tea collection in my life. I’m going to weep silently every time I go to the Arndale Centre and see a bit space where the Essence stand used to be!! I really hope it’s still there this weekend!

essence hidden stories
essence hidden stories
essence hidden stories

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