Vichy Dermablend Full Review and Swatches!

vichy dermablend review and swatches
If you’ve not seen me mention my new found love of Vichy Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation over on Twitter, then it’s probably because you unfollowed me during my last love affair with it a few weeks ago. It’s definitely one of those make up products I really wish I’d bought sooner! Not only is this full coverage foundation perfect for covering your acne, spots and blemishes, it’s also friendly to your skin due to the lack of fragrances and alcohol in it. Hypo-allergenic and Non-comedogenic, this foundation is also suitable for sensitive skin. 
Not only do Vichy create this amazing Dermablend Foundation, but there are other products within the same range, which will all help towards feeling confident when your spots are making you feel like a walking pizza (mmmm pizza). After expressing my Vichy Fluid Foundation love on the internet, the lovely PR from Vichy thought I might like to try some of the other products and it was a no-brainer that I instantly jumped at the chance to also try their Dermablend Corrective Stick and Compact Cream Foundation.

vichy dermablend review and swatches
(from left to right) Sand. Nude. Opal
As you can see, the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick is a concealer like product, which is easily applied straight to the skin like any regular concealer would. The shades I’m trying are Opal, Nude and Sand. They provide a full coverage camouflage to any areas of your skin which you feel need covering up! Simple. The only concern with these three shades is that Opal and Nude seem to be very similar, and without looking at the bottom of the tube I can’t tell which is which? In fact, Opal actually looks slightly darker than Nude in the swatches above! Thankfully both suit my skin tone. Sand is the darkest shade and this work wonderfully for a subtle day time contour, as you can see in the FACE SWATCHES below. All I’ve done in these images is apply one line of each shade roughly where I wanted them and buffed them in to the skin with my real techniques buffing brush. This is probably the quickest, easiest and most wearable ‘contour’ method I’ve found so far, in my quest to make these big round cheeks have some form of definition. Pop a little bit of peachy blusher on to the apples of your cheeks and you’re good to go!
As mentioned previously, The Vichy Dermablend Foundation is the one. My use of concealer has declined ten fold and this is now the only foundation I find myself using. In my last blog post (which you can see by clicking here) about the foundation in Nude, I did find it a little bit dark. Unlike the Dermablend Corrective Sticks, you can see that Dermablend in Opal is clearly a lighter shade than Nude. Although on first application the Opal shade seems a little light, once all my make up is on I have found it to be a really good match. I have started to blend the two together, just to make them last a bit longer really, as I think if I used Nude alone I’d be too paranoid about my face-neck colour difference. Once again applied with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush it blends effortlessly and lasts all day long. I have found that different primers can affect the ‘airbrushed’ finish, and so far the Monu Illuminating Primer seems to be the best one to suit the formula. 
Finally, we have the Dermablend Compact in Nude. I think this is probably the only one I wouldn’t buy again as I just don’t get on well with compact foundations really. I always find that no matter what the brand or claim I end up looking like a cakey mess. This is probably down to application on my part, as the Dermablend formula is really silky and lightweight. I tried applying it with the sponge it came with and really wasn’t a fan, but then went on to try it with a brush and found definite improvement. I don’t think I’d feel confident wearing this as a full foundation on it’s own, but as mentioned this is mostly personal preference. The coverage, as with the other products, is brilliant. 

You can find Vichy products online from Look Fantastic here, or find out more information about the range over on the Vichy Dermablend website here.