Gold… GOLD. Always Believe In Your Soul

budget gold eye shadow pencils
….You’ve got the power to knowww, you’re indesctructabllleeee, ALWAYS BELIEVIINNNGG, YOU ARE GOLD.
Lately I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with Gold Pencil Eyeshadow. I cannot get enough of it and I’ve been on a quest to find the best, most gold, most amazing eye shadow pencil out there to fulfil my gold eye dreams. I’m not sure why this is my new *thing* but I’m really enjoying it. It’s a nice way to add a pop of colour to your day, without looking like a space princess (like you do when using silver eye shadow) or being too dramatic like you would look with a brighter colour. Also, pencil eyeshadow it the easiest thing in the world to use too!
I must admit, I’ve avoided creamy eyeshadows like the ones you find in pencil form for a number of years. I’m always paranoid about the dreaded LID CREASE OF DOOM, and when you’re using colour it’s not as simple as blending out with your finger half way through the day. But never fear, with these pencil eyeshadows I have experienced no crease at all throughout the day. Hurrah! So, what are these 3 gold pencils I present before you on my blog today? WELL, they’re three super affordable high street brands all with their own benefits of use. Yeaaaaah.

budget gold eye shadow pencils

Three Budget Gold Eye Shadows

Let’s start with me fave, which is the Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil (£4.59). I used this as the base gold tone in this blog post and blended it in with some fancy Urban Decay eyeshadow. This is actually a repurchase, as I’ve gone through the first one like it was going out of fashion and completely used it up already. It’s so easy to slick on your eyes and I like to line it around the ENTIRE EYE for a real pop of metallic colour. The gold seems to really make the green of my eye pop. This is my favourite because it’s the most *gold* GOLD I’ve found. And lasts all day long. It’s by far my favourite eye colour product of this century. Highly recommended yo! You’ve made up for that rubbish Gelly nail polish anyway Bazza.

Secondly we have the Collection Field Day Eyeshadow Pencil (£2.99), this is a limited edition one and comes in this subtle gold shade and a green colour too. Named ‘Golden Sun’, this is really nice and almost yellow toned against the skin. It’s not as *gold* as my Barry M favourite, but it’s really nice as a base to blend in to that one when I can’t be bothered to reach for an eye shadow brush and powder shadow. It’s lovely to add a dab to the inner corner of the eye too, for a wide awake look. 
Finally, the most multi purpose product in the trio is the Miss Sporty Glossy Shadow stick (2.99) in Gold Almond. This isn’t that great as an eye shadow to be honest and I’ve only been using it to save using up the Barry M one when I was on the dregs of my last one of those! But it is really good as a gold highlighter due to it’s sheer application. Across the top of your cheeks and a dot on your nose adds a subtle shimmer which is great for summer make up looks! Don’t get me wrong, you can build the colour up to a nice gold tone on the eye lids, but it’s more effort than the one shot slick of the aforementioned Barry M wonder.
Collection Field Day // Miss Sporty Glossy Shadow // Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil

-All costing less than a fiver, which is your favourite budget eye shadow pencil?-