Five Favourites: UK Fashion Blogs

I’m a serial lurker of blogs. I’m that annoying person which reads them non stop all day but then fails to actually comment on posts to show how much I LOVE reading them and looking at so many pretty pictures. But hey, I’m at least helping your pageviews, right? One of my blog resolutions is to start commenting more and tweeting at the blogs I read all the time, because there ain’t no love like a bit of blog love. Can I get a helllll yeah? In the mean time though, I thought I’d do a little post dedicated to my favourite UK Fashion Blogs. Just to get the blog love ball rolling. And these are in no particular order. My love is equal for all.

Five Favourites: UK Fashion Blogs

The artist formally known as ‘Effies Make Up Box’, I’ve been following Heather’s blogging endeavours for YEARS. I love how she is so stylish, but you can tell she has a really dry sense of humour – my kindaaaa gal. I got to meet her the other week at the Preloved Blogger Event and it’s safe to say she’s a real life style queen too. Big loves for my fellow red head.

Another blogger I recently had the pleasure of meeting, this girl is next level futuristic space princess style. She takes the traditional and throws a completely crazy holographic/shiny edge on it and she never fails to give me hair envy with her pastel hues.

‘Highly photogenic Angharad’ is just as stylish in real life as she is on her blog and it’s an ongoing turmoil at work seeing her every day wearing such great outfits ALL THE TIME. Since discovering her blog I now have an obsession with being this level of stylish, alongside a new found lust for culottes and split side garments.

Ally // Ally In Blunderland

Ally just comes across as the sweetest little human in the world on the internet (and I’m sure just as sweet in real life!). Her pictures are so wonderful and she always looks lovely whether it’s a fashion or beauty blog post. Out of all the blogs I read, Ally probably has the most ‘me’ style, where I can actually see myself in the clothes she features rather than just dreaming of the day I can pull of holographic dresses and cape style tops, haha.

Jo and Victoria // She and Hem

I absolutely love following Jo and Victoria over on Instagram. They’re so cute and their pictures are always so perfect! Their collaborative blog posts are always so well styled and it’s refreshing to see such closeness with regards to their style and friendship. Not to mention, they also have a fabulous collection of dresses each.

-Who are you favourite fashion blogs?-