Lush Oxford Street Exclusive: Shades of Pink Lip Bar

Lush Oxford Street Exclusive: Shades of Pink Lip Bar
Is it just that always gets Oxford Street, London and Oxford Road, Manchester confused all the time? Not as in, sometimes I go to Manchester and think I’m in London, but when I’m saying the London one I ALWAYS called it Oxford Road and no one knows what the eff I’m on about. Confusing street names aside, did you know that Oxford Street in London was home to a mega bonanza Lush store, which stocks over 200 exclusive lines?

Lush Oxford Street

I went in this weekend, not really knowing what to expect. I absolutely hate going in to Lush usually. My shy Stoke ways can’t handle talking to staff when I just want to innocently browse and stick my fingers in scented goo. Lush Oxford Street was so busy I was hoping I could avoid eye contact with humans, but in retrospect I’m actually quite pleased they did approach me, as I discovered the brand new Shades of Pink lip bar….
Now, I can’t find any information about Shades of Pink from Lush online, which is a real shame actually, as I’ve nothing to refer to with regards to ingredients and such. But what I can tell you is that there were three available in store: Shades of Nude, Shades of Red and Shades of Pink. All of them looked really interesting, especially the Shades of Red Lip bar as it contained a solid black colour alongside the stunning red shade and the Shades of Nude one looked like an amazing all round product which you could use on your cheeks if you felt fancy enough.
Lush Oxford Street Exclusive: Shades of Pink Lip Bar

Lush Shades of Pink Lip Bar

I chose Shades of Pink as I was on the edge of buying one of the lipsticks separately, which cost £13.50. It was a nice pink-orange tone which I forgot the name of, but when the member of staff saw me swatching away, she drew my attention to the lip bars. For £20 I just figured it would be worth the £6.50 extra as it’s such a versatile block of lip colour! 
So, as you can see it contains 3 shades and is in a nice chunky solid format. The formula is really creamy once warmed up with a lip brush and applies as an almost matte finish. It’s moisturising, opaque and a little goes a long way! The idea is that you can create your own lip tone by mixing the colour together and tailor the colour to your own taste. Quite snazzy really. I love the pink mixed with white, it has a really nice blue tone to it, which isn’t too far from the Lush ‘Passionate’ shade of lip colour (blog post on that here). I remember being so impressed with that when I got it as the colour literally lasts ALL day without the need to keep reapplying. In the swatches below I experimented with an ombre lip look as I wanted to show how the different shades looked and the versatility of the product over all. I do apologise for my slightly dry lips, I’ve been neglecting the ol’ water lately and it’s making them look a bit awful! However, the lip colour itself hasn’t had a negative impact on my already dehydrated lips.
Longevity wise – this stuff lasts. You can get a good 4-5 hours wear from the solid colour itself and then it creates a lovely stained effect on your lips to keep them looking sassy for longer.
Top tip; no matter what the shade you apply on your lips, you can add a dab of the white lip colour to the centre and blend out to create a fuller lip look.

Although I have nothing negative to say about the actual product, I must say that I am disappointed that for £20 the lip bar doesn’t come with any option of a tin to store it in. When you buy it they pop it in a little cardboard box for you, which is neither use nor ornament once you get home as you have to rip it a bit to get the product out. Storage wise I managed to find a little porcelain box from Tiger Stores for £1, which is lucky really as it just fits in perfectly! You also don’t get anything to apply the lip stick with, but I nabbed a little brush from the stand (shhh!) otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to use it at all until I bought a lip brush. 
-What do you think of the concept of a mix your own lip bar?-

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Amy Keeling

The idea of this is awesome, however why is there no pot? They do little dishes for their body bars don't they so it seems a bit of an oversight. Having said that I really do like the look of this. I wish they didn't just have the one store that had all this extra stuff in, they need to get some of it into their other stores.

Becky Smith

What an interesting idea and I love the look you've created on your lips x

Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

Tasmin Lofthouse

I think this sounds so amazing. I love that lush always has so many unique concepts. It's a shame they haven't thought to include a tin for this. I'm also jealous beyond words that you visited the oxford street store. At the other end of England, I am just forever looking at what other people have bought and silently crying to myself haha! But enjoy your exclusive lip balm…and 'free' brush 🙂
Tasmin | Grandiose Days


Wow, this sounds really really interesting. A unique concept, though I agree that I wish they'd given something to put it in AND something to apply it with. Not sure if I'll purchase it, but interesting nonetheless!

Hannah Webster-Sudborough

This really intrigued me when I saw you post about it at the weekend. It's definitely a cool idea and seems like good value for how much you get. The colour you've mixed looks really pretty too. I'd just be worried that it's a bit bulky to carry and I can never get my lipsticks to last very long…


Oooh it looks really good! Compared to high end prices £20 is hardly ridiculous when you are getting a few colours you can mix together and is long lasting! The lack of pot is very silly though xx