Khroma Beauty – Khloes Kardazzle

Khroma Beauty - Khloes Kardazzle
Although the Khroma Beauty range is somewhat hard to come by now in the UK, I managed to pick up this dinky little set from TK Maxx the other week. It cost around £4.99, which I thought was a bargain alone for contouring kit within it! It’s the perfect size for popping in your make up bag for any little adventures you may go on, and the eyeshadows I see as just a bit of a bonus within an already bargain make up palette.
The eyeshadow colours aren’t something I’d usually use, but the dark grey and light tones are perfect for blending with other eye shadows I have. They’re all really pigmented and blend well with each other, but over all they’re just a little dark to suit me! This particular palette is called Khloes Kardazzle.
As the Kardashian sisters are pretty well know for their contouring skills, it’s no wonder that they ensured an excellent trio of highly pigmented contouring products was included. The blush is a lovely pop of pink, whilst the bronzer is a really light shade, which is perfect for paler skin. The highlighter is a little more white toned than I would usually choose, but used liberally it’s pretty good! Although don’t get me wrong, I do prefer others in my stash.
Saying that though, this is great for saving space and time when packing and is versatile for day to night looks. So if you spot one in your local TK Maxx make sure you pick it up, as for just under a fiver you can’t go wrong.

Khroma Beauty - Khloes Kardazzle