So…. Game of Thrones (No Spoliers, Promise)

I’ve been late to the Game of Thrones party, and only started watching it about a month ago. Season one of Game of Thrones didn’t impress me at first, but it was pretty clever how after a really dull episode they drew me in with a cliff hanger moment each time, which made me NEED to watch the next one. By about the 7th episode I was hooked. Season two was a little disappointing and I don’t feel like much really happened, and now I’m on Season three I’m surprised I’ve lasted this far. I can see how Game of Thrones is kind of like an addiction I guess, where you don’t particularly want it, there’s nothing that special on the surface, but you find yourself craving to watch more and needing to have a fix. Some parts are pretty uncomfortable, other parts make me want to smash my iPad pretending it’s King Joffrey’s face and overall I’ve seen more tits than Har Mar Superstar on a wild weekend.
The thing I do like about Game of Thrones is how it’s filmed like it’s not fiction…. Dya get me? Even though some story lines within the show are RIDICULOUS (a woman birthing a shadow thing? Okay then) it keeps me watching as part of my mind is like ‘ohhh I can’t believe the world used to be like this!’ – but it never was, it’s not REAL, duh. But you find yourself so engrossed in it, that you forget it’s not an historic drama.
During the time I’ve watched Game of Thrones, a few questions have arisen. Apart from the obvious fiction parts, there have been a few other ‘WTF’ moments which I’m sure we all want to know the answers to:
How do they shave?  
Granted, all the men have long hair and beards and stubble, so they do have a rugged look in general. But when Jon Snow apparently walks for a week with those people dressed in all those layers, how do they maintain that premium stubble length? HOW. They’re never clean shaved, they never have full on beards. It’s just consistently the right length of stubble.

Where do they get their bobbles from? 
Ned Stark and all the ladies seem to have bobbles in their hair, but where do they get them from? What are they made of? Why do they not lose them like I lose all of my plain black bobbles on a regular basis?

Why does King Joffree not have any illnesses or defects as a result of being so inbred?
I mean, surely this kid should at the least have a weak immune system. But he doesn’t get a cold once. 
How come Sam never seems to get any thinner even though he is eating the same diet as the rest of them in the Night’s Watch? 
Nothing against ya Sam, but I think you’re smuggling some chips under that fur.
How are Queen Cersai’s eyebrows always so on point?

Why did Arya not say thanks to Hot Pie for the wolf shaped bread he baked for her?
Talk about rude. I know you’ve been through a lot kid, and I like your sassy style, but that’s no reason to ditch your manners. 
So these are my initial questions, and I don’t know if they’ll be answered along my Game of Thrones journey, but more than anything else, I really do hope that Arya says thank you to Hot Pie at some point in the future. If not it’ll ruin the whole thing.