Why Has My Domain Authority Dropped?

Google: Master of the internet, slayer of Domain Authority.

So, you’re a blogger and you worked hard as fudge to increase your Domain Authority (still not sure what Domain Authority is? Check this post here), only to go to Open Site Explorer today and find MOZ is telling you that you’ve dropped a staggering amount of places. Whilst it’s natural for your DA to fluctuate up and down throughout the month, mine for example, has plummeted from 28 to 22 – but don’t be disheartened!

First things first – don’t panic about your blog DA dropping.

SEO – Moz – Google – it’s all part knowledge, part guessing game. If anyone tells you they know everything about any of those things they’re lying. It’s constantly changing, constantly updating, constantly evolving. The updates today might make you panic and think OMG I NEED TO LINK BUILD, LINK BUILD, SPAM, SPAM SPAM. QUICK, WHERE’S MY MACBOOK PRO? I NEED TO WRITE 10000000 POSTS RIGHT NOW. 
– But don’t.
It may be a quick win to create a load of content and some may even consider paying for links on other sites, but these won’t work in the long run. Google is all about User Experience, and the value of your blog. Spamming about and writing for the sake of writing will only increase your bounce rate and lack of sharability and in the end Google will be all ‘screw you blooowwwwg, we’re outta here’.

Why has this actually happened?

So, with the latest Mozscape API updates it appears that MOZ simply hasn’t crawled as many sites – they’ve trimmed the fat to speed up the crawling/indexing process to deliver a more credible result. There’s a great deal of links, for example, on Chinese sites which has in the past impacted the website crawling process and delayed the delivery of the MOZ indexing results. To put in to perspective the amount of links the MOZ index picks up each time, you can look at the numbers here.
Why has this particularly impacted bloggers? To be honest, I don’t know and I’m struggling to find any clues online. I’ve found with e-commerce sites the impact has been minimal and in fact, one site at work has maintained it’s authority despite competitors falling.
Domain Authority and SEO is a lot of give, take and influence. It may even be something like your blog has been linked on some Chinese sites, as mentioned above, and they’ve not been picked up this time. Meaning it impacts the DA of your site. But that’s not necessarily bad, as those sites might not have even been relevant in the first place anyway. Swings and roundabouts. Also if the DA of the other sites/blogs you’ve been linked on falls, you will naturally find yours has fluctuated.

Will my Domain Authority get higher again?

Of course. 
As long as you continue to produce quality content continue to be linked back from influential sites. If you’re thinking of writing a guest post for another site, now is the time. Just ensure that it’s relevant to the site it’s going on and they link back to your blog properly. But as mentioned in the first part of the post – don’t get all spammy and go in to panic mode. Just keep an eye on the next 2-3 updates (I’m sure bloggers on Twitter will ensure the world is aware of when this happens) and see if it’s rises back up.
It seems bloggers across the board have been impacted by the index update today, so you’re not alone in the disappointment that all your hard work has seemingly been destroyed over night. Working in SEO and being a blogger, I have ensured that my team at work are all aware of this change and to bear this in mind for their blogger outreach activities! It may be a case of slightly lowering our ‘rule of 20’ DA requirement temporarily, but still ensuring we receive those valuable link backs.
For further reading, Six Out Of Ten have also covered this topic and included a statement from Rand at Moz too, so click here to see that!