The Best Shoes in the WORLD

Laceys London Monk Strap Snake Print Leather shoes on Hello Terri Lowe, UK fashion blog.
That blog post title may sound a little enthusiastic, but let me reassure you – it’s more than warranted. These are actually the best shoes in the world. Ever. 
When I first chose them off Scorpio Shoes, it’s was purely just for the sake of choosing something different. I have a load of brogues, sandals and ankle boots, but I’ve never owned a pair of monk strap shoes. And I have certainly never owned any monk strap shoes in a snake print leather.

Scorpio Shoes have a thing for quirky, alternative footwear and when they asked me to feature something I was torn between either these babies or going all out and getting me some Irregular Choice shoes, but I thought these would be much more practical for every day wear and they definitely are. I’ve never owned a pair of smart leather shoes which are SO comfortable. My Clarks Brogues are pretty comfy, don’t get me wrong, but these Monk Strap shoes from Laceys London are like a glove for my feet. It’s really weird as usually I find it so difficult to find a comfortable all day fit in any shoes straight away, as I have quite a wide part by my big toes. So maybe that’s why I’m so happy with these as it was so unexpected! 
They’ve also been absolutely brilliant for the erratic weather lately. I got caught out so many times the other week when the sun taunted us only to rain suddenly. With a pair of those little tiny socks, these are great for smartening up a summer style and go perfectly with leggings or a skirt. Huzzah!

Laceys London Monk Strap Snake Print Leather shoes on Hello Terri Lowe, UK fashion blog.

-You can find these Laceys London Osita Monk Strap Shoes online at Scorpio Shoes here
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Those are some pretty funky shoes! X

Gareth From

They really are the best shoes in the world! Gorgeous snake print leather and a lovely colour too. Great life choice to grab these x

Tea, Cake and Make

I'm loving the colour of these! Superb!

Amy Keeling

Better than Clarks you say….I need to check these out. I'm all about comfort me when it comes to footwear.


J'adore !