BestPlayEver – Your New Favourites For Cult Stationery

BestPlayEver - Grand Budapest Hotel notebook
Etsy has always been a great place to discover and buy handmade things to suit any cult reference requirements. Etsy is also where I discovered a little online seller based in Yorkshire called ‘BestPlayEver’ a few years ago. At the time it took about 10 minutes of browsing their online stationery store, before I settled on several Kanye West themed items alongside an added dash of Moonrise Kingdom notebooks. 

Cult Stationery from Best Play Ever

Best Play Ever have now branched out from their lil’ Etsy shop and gone it alone, with their very own website, which you can browse here. As you can see they have widened their range of stationery to notebooks, pin badges and even a Larry David T Shirt. I remember the first time I bought from Best Play Ever I also purchased the sticker of this print for a friend. If there’s one thing I hate it’s small talk and my friend seems to stop and chat with EVERYONE we encounter whenever we go anywhere, so the irony of this as a gift for them was too much like fate for me to pass on.

kanye west pin badges
If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, Moonrise Kingdom, Kanye West or  pretty much any Wes Anderson film ever, then be sure to browse Best Play Ever online. The notebooks are so handy for sticking in my bag to make general notes in life (that I often need to make due to my awful memory) a little bit more fun. Especially when someone asks what The Grand Budapest Hotel  is and you can go off on a tangent about Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat,  which one day I will find a recipe simple enough for me to follow and make. 

cult stationery
With so many  cult references on offer over on Best Play Ever online and for such reasonable prices (especially when you consider the price of buying similar items from the USA on Etsy too!) there’s something for everyone with an inkling of pop culture taste. I’ve found it to be awesome for buying presents for people who just seem to have everything and love a bit of Kanye! 
I’ve got a few posters from them and a did swag a Larry David T Shirt from Best Play Ever too. So I’ll be doing a post about both of them when I finally move in to my new house and can begin decorating again! Two weeks to go!!