NEW: Make Up Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette

NEW: Make Up Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette

Make Up Revolution have been at it again with their brand new releases in their range of purse friendly make up. It came as a super surprise when their Ultra Base Corrector Palette popped through my letter box last week, and for the tiny price of £6, it’s no wonder that Instagram has been awash with this little beauty since every blogger and their cat got their paws on it.

Make Up Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette

So what’s in the Make Up Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette? WELL, a selection of 8 creamy concealers which will brighten, highlight and balance your complexion. They are all  easy to blend and with the Look Good Feel Better multi purpose brush, you can create a flawless base in a few simple steps! 

But what does each colour do?

Brightens, so perfect for adding a fresh glow to your entire face.
Neutralises yellow tones and ‘bruise’ like tones, meaning it can be perfect for particularly heavy dark circles under the eye.
Neutralises redness, so dab this around any spots, blemishes or scars.
Neutralises blue tones, so mix this up with the lavender to further conceal those under eye bags.
Helps to balance out slight discolouration, so add a touch of this to your foundation to even out overall skin tone.
Adds natural highlight and brightens, this one is also awesome for a ‘strobing’ effect on top of your make up.
Neutralises purple and also further helps to cover dark areas which need a touch of lightening.
The brown shade in this is perfect for a subtle contour.

NEW: Make Up Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette


  1. August 1, 2015 / 9:57 am

    Oh god this looks perfect. Can't believe it's only £6!
    Michelle x