#TCABurgerTakeOver at Grill on the Alley, Manchester

Come fly with me, let’s fly let’s fly awayyyyyy…. Or maybe that should be let’s drive away, right up the A34 to Manchester for some American Inspired Burgers with Thomas Cook from Grill on the Alley.

Since the 4th of July, and lasting 4 weeks only, you can head to Grill on the Alley in Manchester to give some tasty burgers a whirl in celebration of Thomas Cook’s new stateside routes. Whilst partaking in some burger action, you can also be in with the chance of winning an American flight of your own by using the hashtag  #TCABurgerTakeOver on Instagram and Twitter.
So what burgers can you wrap your tastebuds around? Here goes:
NY Deli Burger: Classic with pastrami, pickle and Lancashire cheese.
Boston Burger: With prawns and crayfish, garlic butter and back bacon.
The Miami Burger: Pickled watermelon, pineapple and horseradish coleslaw.
The LA Burger: Onion rings, guacamole, chipotle mayo and beer battered pickles.
We started our meal with some freshly baked loaf served with Chorizo butter, which was delicious. I love the way it was served on the wooden board and how crusty the bread was on the outside, with a fluffy, light middle. Combined with the Chorizo butter, it was a taste sensation and the perfect way to begin the meal, accompanied by some craft beers.
For the main event, we ordered the Boston Burger and the LA Burger. The best thing out of both of these was actually the tiny, tasty crayfish which were so packed full of flavour for such little things! 

We also treated ourselves to some cocktails whilst we were there too. After eating a heavy burger, I thought the cucumber and raspberry cocktail would help to refresh me (and also whet my whistle in preparation for going out later on in the evening too!) and there was also a really weird oak smoke infused cocktail which came in a napkin bunged beaker to capture the rich, wood flavours. It wasn’t my cup of tea personally (as it has whiskey in it), but for the novelty factor alone I was impressed!

If you’re drooling over burgers and fancy your chances, then you just need to book in to Grill on the Alley by heading to this link and then go to @GrillManc and @TCAirlinesUK on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag  #TCABurgerTakeOver to enter! And if you’re feeling like jetting off somewhere fancy, I’m eyeing up Miami or NYC myself.  Read more about those places and more over on TCA’s blog though!
*We were invited to review Grill on the Alley via Thomas Cook Airlines.