Camila Prada and the Kick Ass Kickstarter!

Camila Prada and the Kick Ass Kickstarter!
When you find a kick ass artist who just so happens to be based in your home city, you simply can’t help but become obsessed with their wares can you? And that’s exactly what happened the moment I set eyes on Camila Prada’s amazing ceramic pieces, way back when at Uni.

Who the Devil is Camila Prada? 

Camila Prada is a ceramicist based in Stoke on Trent. With all her items handmade in her little base in Staffordshire, Camila takes price in her super cute pieces, which are all made with love. Nawhhhh. Recently Camila Prada launched a Kickstarter campaign, which absolutely… Well, KICKED ASS. Her initial goal for the campaign was £7000, which was a humble amount to begin her new ceramic adventures. The final figure which was raised ended up being way over the initial target and in the end Camila received over £41k worth of pledges from the Kickstarter! 

Camila Prada Ceramics
I pledged £35, which mean that when the target was met, I’d receive a small Camila Prada Storage Jar with a personalised message on. As I already have my renowned ‘Pig Baby’ (a wooden pig I bought from TK Maxx, which is rather frightening), I decided to choose the ‘Porkins’ Storage Jar, which is the baby of a collaboration between Camila Prada and TADO (who are well known for their own cute character goodness!). 
The great thing about supporting Kickstarter campaigns is that no money leaves your account until the target funding is met. So it’s a no-risk way to support your favourite independent designers, creatives and artists – amongst other projects, like helping an independent director to make a film to helping to fund your local bands new LP. The possibilities are endless.
Camila Prada and the Kick Ass Kickstarter!

Included in the delicately packaged parcel was further evidence of cute in the form of the adorable thank you card. Seriously everything Camila does just makes me warm inside!!

You can find Camila Prada on Facebook here and make sure you follow her over on Twitter here!