Staying Fresh at a Festival

Staying fresh at a festival on hello terri lowe, UK lifestyle and music blog.

Festivals are never going to be the most cleanly of places are they? And if you’re thinking you’ll have a quick shower whilst you’re there in the weird port-a-potty style things they set up, then be prepared to be a little disappointed. Even in the staff areas some of the showers can be reminiscent of standing under a dribbling gutter with a room temperate drizzle of water tricking over you. Some showers            can be ok, if you sneak behind the main stage for example (but shhhh, you’re not really meant to go there), but if you aren’t really sneaky sneaky, how else can you stay clean at a Festival?

As mentioned (to death lately) I’ll be heading to Leeds Festival next weekend – hurrah! I’ve already shared some Festival beauty tips so I thought I’d share a few things I’ll be packing to make sure that apart from looking flawless all weekend (scoff), I don’t let myself down by smelling like a rotting corpse by day two. 

Staying Fresh at a Festival

Facewipes: Beauty bloggers everywhere talk about face wipes like they’ve murdered their cat and smashed their marble background for pictures or something. Apparently face wipes are bad for your skin, but for the sake of 4 days in a field I’m sure we can agree that they have their uses. If it’s sweltering heat they perfect for refreshing your sweat moustache and giving your face and pits a quick refresh, and if it’s raining there’ll be mud. So face wipes come in handy for quickly wiping your hands on when you can’t get your muddy wellies off and have to wiggle your feet out using your hands.

Mio Clean Slate Wipes: I’m so excited that we have Mio and Mama Mio products at work now! It’s been brilliant to discover more about the brand over the past few weeks and we’ve even had the pleasure of meeting one of the founders, Sian Sutherland to learn pretty much EVERYTHING there is to know about the Mio skincare range. Anyway, the Mio Clean Slate Wipes are PERFECT for festivals, as they’re basically a shower in a sachet. Safe enough to use on the face or body, the mint and cucumber formula is refreshing, moisturising and cleansing in one swipe!

Micellar Water: Removing make up quickly and easily with micellar water is your skin friendly option for not just festivals but for, well, life. Now the Garnier micellar water comes in a handy travel size, it’s perfect for throwing in your rucksack with some cotton wool pads. Excellent.

Avéne Eau Thermale: If you’ve taken a secret shower strike for the weekend and using the mio wipes or facewipes to keep your body fresh, then a water spray like the Avéne one is perfect for helping you to feel even more clean. If the sun actually shows its face at any point, this stuff is also great for cooling down. 

Pump It Up Dry Shower Foam: Finally, I spotted this in Boots for £3.99 and thought it was worth giving a go. A bit confused as to why the coconut version is marketed to men (or that there’s any gender difference between the rather gender neutral scents), but it smells amazing all the same. It’s basically just an antibacterial foam, a bit like the hand ones you can get, but for your whole body. I had some coconut scented hand sanitizer from the Body Shop a few years ago and this reminded me of that, which made me actually like using hand gels. Not sure how much I will use this, but if I only use it for my hands it still won’t be a wasted purchase.

-What are your tips for staying fresh at a Festival?-