Tokidoki at Primark!

Tokidoki at Primark!
I’ve not been in Primark for quite a while now (well, a few weeks, which in Primark terms is a life time) as their Summer range has been somewhat boring. When I strolled upstairs to the beauty, socks and stationary level though, I discovered the most amazzinnnggg discovery since super cosy tights – in the form of Tokidoki Stationary!

Tokidoki at Primark

For those not in the know when it comes to SUPER COOL BRANDS (that I used to love with all my heart about 7 years ago), Tokidoki is the illustrative brain child of Italian artist Simon Legno. ‘Tokidoki’ means ‘sometimes’ in Japanese and that’s probably why I love it. There was a time in my life where I’d snap up anything slightly kawaiiiiii at the drop of a hat, but trying to be all mature that that, means that I have to restrict myself now I’m trying to adult.
My Tokidoki collection before the addition of this lovely notebook and latte pencil case (which will be used for make up brushes as it’s the perfect length!) consisted of many Bastardino vinyl toys and my friend buys me a ‘Cactus Friend’ every year for my birthday. So it’s safe to say these little stationary treats have found a good home. I’m hoping that ‘Porcino’, which is the pig Cactus Friend makes his way in to my collection this year. That’s a little hint for Becky right there…..

Tokidoki at Primark!

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Super cute, You are a lady of excellent taste……..*runs to Primark & buys everything*


I'd not heard of these before and due to the spending ban have been avoiding Primark like the plague, but the latte case is pretty cute!

Carrie Richmond

I seen this in my local Primark last week but didn't have time to stop and admire them properly, I certainly didn't realise they were Tokidoki. The latte pencil case is amazing, it's just so different and eye catching! You'll be a trendsetter with that!

I got your blog link through 30plusblogs and wanted to stop by and say hello.