Afternoon Tea in Stratford at The RSC

Afternoon Tea in Stratford at The RSC

Whenever we go to a new town or city I have a general rule about food, which is that we cannot eat anywhere which would be able to go in another place. This rules out any boring chain restaurants and pubs and makes way to really explore the location you’re adventuring to. Whilst in Stratford we knew we had to have Afternoon Tea somewhere, as what could possibly be a more suitable culinary experience for such a quintessentially British town? We originally went to The FourTeas tea rooms, but it seems it was way too popular and we didn’t get past the front door after joining the queue for a good twenty minutes! After a quick google we soon found some alternatives to head to though and found ourselves sitting down in the Rooftop Restaurant at the RSC.

Afternoon Tea in Stratford at The RSC

Unfortunately we just missed out on a window seat, which overlooked the river, but still had a lovely table on the far side of the Rooftop Restaurant. There was a balcony which was unfortunately closed too, but it would have been wonderful to sit out there in the height of summer enjoying the afternoon tea experience! The reason we chose Afternoon Tea at the RSC over the others which Google threw at us, was due to the vast selection of cakes and pastries this one included for the price. At £28 for two people, it comes in at around a fiver more than FourTeas would have cost and seemed to boast a more unique selection of treats (from what we gathered from the menus online anyway! Apologies if you are more exciting that you looked FourTeas!) The only thing which seemed to lack in comparison was the selection of teas. I think our waiter may have been quite new as he wasn’t familiar with Assam, but we got there in the end. 

So did the RSC provide us with the best Afternoon Tea in Stratford?  Well, without trying them all it’s hard to say, but I can say it was all bloody delightful. The sandwiches were quite straight forward – regular bread with the usual suspects (cucumber and cream cheese, chicken and mayo, beef and mustard and also an egg one). But sandwiches are never the reason you have afternoon tea are they? We came for the CAKES. After we’d worked through the sandwiches and indulged in the fluffy, warm scones with clotted cream and jam, we got to the good bit. The top layer of the cake stand which displayed one of the most exquisite selections of Afternoon Tea treats I’ve seen for a while. Here’s the full run down:

Fresh Strawberry Tartlets: Basic pastry case with fresh cream and strawberries inside.
Pimms Jelly Shot: Which came complete with micro Pimms ‘salad’ on top (cucumber, strawberries and mint) which turned out to be a super refreshing break between treats.
Blueberry Cheesecake: A micro square of cheesecake which has actually completed changed my mind over cheesecake in general now! I’ve never been a fan of cheesecake, but this was so creamy and rich, it was delicious!
Pistachio Macaroon: A creamy, rich and chewy macaroon, also up there with the best I’ve had (and I’ve tried a lot of Macaroon’s I can tell you!)
Chocolate and Orange Madelines: These were probably the least flavoursome option on the list. I could barely taste any orange and the madeline sponge itself was ever so dry. But still, I ate it without complaining.
Almond and Apricot Gluten Free Cake: Really nice to see a gluten free addition to the selection, but once again, a little dry.

Overall, taking in to account the atmosphere and location we really couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and lovely Afternoon Tea experience. The price is a little on the expensive side, but for a treat on a weekend away in Stratford, you can’t really complain too much! 

Have you been for Afternoon Tea in Stratford? Where would you recommend? 
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Looks fab. We went to the Hathaway Tearooms when we went for a champagne afternoon tea and we had so much we had to take stuff away in boxes (which we then ate on the train home – bonus).

Leanne Dempsey

This looks absolutely incredible! I love the idea of the Pimms jelly.
So glad that you managed to find a gem after not being able to get a table at the place you first tried 🙂

Emyii Rankin

Looks amazing =]


I could eat ALL of this right now. Looks amazing! xx