Does The Burger King Black Burger Make Your Poo….

…Green? Well, there was only one way to find out wasn’t there?
Perhaps this is a vulgar way to start this blog post, but in the seasonal spirit of Halloween I knew I had to go straight Burger King and give their limited edition Black Whopper a whirl whilst I could. I love anything which is limited edition, and never shy when it comes to trying new food, so to grab something a little bit different like this had to be done. Not only have Burger King released the limited edition black burger for Halloween, but they are also doing a Pumpkin Spiced Latte to wash it down.
Is it any good though? And most importantly of all; Does the Burger King Black Burger make your poo green? 
WELL, the Black Burger itself was just like a regular Whopper really. If anything it was a little dryer than the regular BK whopper, but I’m not sure if that was psychological due to the colour of the bun as it just looked dry as I was eating it. The novelty is there though. With the deep black bun and contrasting white sesame seeds on top, it was worth giving it a go. Inside we have a flame grilled burger, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and BBQ sauce. So nothing that special in reality. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained and I’m quite glad I tried it. It definitely filled a hole on a boring Thursday evening that’s for sure.
The Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Burger King wasn’t too great on the other hand. The coffee itself was quite weak and definitely didn’t feel like I’d had a coffee afterwards. I don’t think the flavour was all that great either. With a really artificial taste, it was way too sweet for my tastes and I much prefer the Starbucks version.
I’m really pleased that even places like Burger King are getting a bit more experimental at the moment. With so many amazing food places popping up I guess it’s hard for the big high street chains to compete when it comes to seasonal food and drink. It’s definitely better than McDonald’s versions of ‘burgers from around the world’ in which every friggin’ country apparently loves bacon and BBQ sauce…. 
Oh, and no… It didn’t make my poo green.