Fashion Juxtaposition: Yoshi Bag and Primark Shoes

Yoshi Leather Bag
Sometimes it can be quite amazing the things you can pick up for a bargain in Primark, which actually match perfectly with more expensive items you team them with – like this amazing brown leather ‘Brewster’ bag from Yoshi. There’s a stark contrast in price and a contrast in quality, but when they come together they pretty much make most outfits I’m wearing right now complete.
I discovered Yoshi Bags a few months ago, when I had to stop in TK Maxx on my way to Manchester on a night out. I managed to grab a small sized ‘grab bag’ which was perfect for the evening ahead. For such an impulse purchase it’s actually been one of my most used bags since it came in to my life! I needed something bigger for work though and that’s where this large brown leather number comes in to play. Even though it’s slightly too cumbersome for going around a ceramic factory shop with (yes I did almost knock several cups off the side), it’s absolutely PERFECT to throw EVERYTHING in for the working week. Lunch, stationary… The other day I even accidentally packed my toothbrush charge and didn’t noticed until half way through the day. 
One thing I absolutely love about all the Yoshi Bags is that their logo is the cute little ‘blob with a tear’. My small Yoshi bag has a little metal version of the icon on the outside, but the larger more ‘pro’ bags like this only have it on the tag and label inside, which is fine, I know the little guy will still be with me in spirit!
My shoes are nowhere near the sturdy leather quality that the bag is, but I think the rich brown hues go well together. I absolutely loved these when I spotted them in my local Primark store. They were just a bit different to all the lace up shoe designs which are flying around at the moment. Although don’t get me wrong, I did actually buy a pair of them too. For £16 I was sold, but mainly because I’d already lusted after some very similar shoes in New Look which were double that price.
Comfort wise, the heel height is great and I can comfortable wear them all day. The trouble I did find with them though, was that the open toe design did rub when I first wore them. And I mean it rubbed, rubbed like a mother-bitch, so bad. But I’ve worn them since (although granted, with tights for longer periods) and not had any other toe dramas. 

-You can find the Brewster Bag from Yoshi online here